Shiba Inu Team Plans to Boost Yield Farming Features on ShibaSwap


The Shiba Inu community on the Discord channel got the news that the development team plans to launch new features on its ongoing Yield Farming.

According to images shared by famous Shib official team member MILKSHAKE, the team called on the community to make suggestions concerning the projects that will soon launch.

The screenshots shared by MILKSHAKE showed that the suggestions have started and will end by Thursday, June 9, 2022, at 00:00 UTC.

“The @Shibtoken Discord opens forum, and a community feedback channel for farming-proposal-feedback for #ShibaSwap. Deadline for Feedback on the channel is up until Wednesday 5 pm PST //8 pm EST,” MILKSHAKE tweeted.

Shiba Inu has More for ShibaSwap

From the screenshots, it is clear that the SHIB team have constantly been monitoring the progress of its decentralised exchange, ShibaSwap.

Since the launch of the decentralised trading platform, it has organised numerous functions, including distributing rewards to beneficiaries on multiple occasions.

Nevertheless, the Shiba Inu team believes ShibaSwap still have much to achieve before reaching its full potential, and it can achieve more success in other areas, including Yield Farming.

“Based on the characteristics mentioned above, we are working on a new proposal for the community, but also want to hear everything from supporting comments, promoting feedback for Yield Farming, so that we can make some of the ideas a reality,” an excerpt of the announcement reads.

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Upcoming Features fo ShibaSwap

The Shiba Inu team plans to implement three new features on ShibaSwap, and they include:

“Cumulative WOOF for all rewards instead of woofing individually – single button, 2. Outside projects are able to provide rewards themselves for their pairs in the form of their own token(s), [as well as] improved gas structure.”

Based on the earlier suggestion made on the Discord page, the admin said all the ideas will be given to the development team, who will launch a proposal based on the request received.

The proposal will be passed via Doggy DAO, which launched earlier this year, to enable the community to vote on whether the new features on the Yield Farming initiative would go live.

More Ways to Earn Passive Income

The initiative will add to the numerous ways Shiba Inu enthusiasts can earn passive income when it goes live.

Yield Farming enables users to earn rewards via decentralised finance. With this feature, members of the SHIBArmy will be allowed to borrow and lend Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens and earn rewards.

Meanwhile, the Shiba Inu community has been presented with more ways to earn passive income, including burning SHIB and locking LEASH and Shiboshi in the designated tools.

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