Shiba Inu Takes the Top Spot on CoinGate for Payments


Shiba Inu Community and Lithuania-based CoinGate recently celebrated their one anniversary as a cooperation. The Shiba Inu Community is recognized for its ongoing commitment to the project by a top cryptocurrency payment processing provider, and it was confirmed through a tweet that SHIB has moved up to the 12th most popular payment method in just one year.

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By enabling users to purchase hundreds of gift cards with Shiba Inu and use them to reserve accommodations on Airbnb, play the newest games from Steam and PS5, or make new clothing purchases with Zalando or Nike, CoinGate assisted SHIB in expanding its mainstream usage. SHIB can be used on the site to purchase gift cards for Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and eBay.

Additionally, CoinGate offers free credit card purchases for over 50 popular cryptocurrencies, including SHIB.

Furthermore, CoinGate, a fervent supporter of Shib, wished Shiba Inu a Happy 2nd anniversary on August 2nd and congratulated the Shiba Inu Community on the release of the much anticipated Shiba Inu’s Collectible Card Game known as “Shiba Eternity.”


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