Shiba Inu Takes Official First Step Towards Shibarium Beta Launch

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“Shib Trophias,” a member of Shiba Inu’s Defense team and a top developer, revealed the necessary steps toward the launch of Shibarium in a recent tweet. Trophias mentioned that updating the official Shiba Inu website is the first step toward Shibarium’s Beta launch.

“First thing is to update our main website. It was much needed, and this is our first step as we march towards Shibarium’s Beta launch,” Trophias said.

According to Trophias, Shiba Inu’s dev team will launch the updated website in phases.

“The entire website will not launch all at once. Phased rollouts will happen, and we’ll try to make it as smooth as possible,” the official Shiba Inu team member added.

His recent remarks about Shibarium come just hours after the official Shiba Inu Twitter handle announced that the countdown to the launch of a new website had begun.

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Trophias Hints Shibarium Will Soon Launch

Members of the Shiba Inu community have continued to respond positively to Trophias‘ update on Shibarium’s launch. Some SHIB fans referred to the new Shibarium update as an early Christmas present.

Others thanked the top Shiba Inu developer for informing the community about Shibarium’s launch.

Meanwhile, a Shibarium Beta enthusiast contacted Trophias to inquire about the official launch date of the Shibarium Beta. Trophias did not provide a specific date in response to the question. The top Shiba Inu developer only revealed that the Shibarium Beta would be released soon.

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SHIB Holders Still Anticipate Shibarium’s Launch

It is worth noting that the community is looking forward to the release of Shibarium, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling platform. Shibarium will match Polygon in terms of scalability, speed, and security, according to MILKSHAKE, an official growth team member. MILKSHAKE previously stated that the upcoming L2 network would serve as a hub for decentralized applications (dApps), and that all Shiba Inu products, such as ShibaSwap, SHIB, Shiboshi, and so on, would migrate to the network once it goes live.

With the entire Shibarium network highlighted, the community has been waiting for the network’s official launch date. However, the team has refused to reveal an exact release date for Shibarium. Instead of providing a specific date, the team has continued to send out mysterious tweets implying Shibarium’s release.

Trophias announced on Twitter earlier this month that the development team had made significant progress toward the launch of an unnamed project. Trophias stated that the team has completed the V1 design and is “finalizing the content.” The top Shiba Inu developer also stated that the unnamed project would be released in stages. While SHIB fans believe the update is for Shibarium, Trophias believes it is for the entire ecosystem, not just the upcoming L2 network.

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