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Shiba Inu Logo to Feature on John Richmond Creations

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John Richmond tweeted a photo of Grimmjow sporting full SHIB-themed clothing yesterday. Grimmjow “rocked” full John Richmond and Shiba Inu-themed outfits, including a jacket, pants, and T-shirt, in what the English-Italian designer called a “sneak peak.”

On the T-shirt’s chest area, two crossed bones are centered with “John Richmond” boldly written in the middle. Richmond added a “SHIBA” inscription below the shirt’s logo. To promote the Shiba Inu brand, the designer also spelled out “Shiba” on the front of the trouser.

The English-Italian designer also embroidered “J R” on the front of the jacket and added bone designs to the sleeves. In response to the image, John Richmond said:

“Sneak peek. Grimmjow in JohnRichmond x SHIBA total look, Rocking out.”

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Reactions From Shiba Inu Community

After becoming interested in the image, Shiba Inu community members appear anxious to place orders for the outfits.

Some SHIB admirers took the chance to suggest strategies the designer should adopt to promote the widespread adoption of the clothing. A Twitter user going by the handle @emreshibaa recommended that the English-Italian designer consider hiring some prominent “rappers” for the apparel promotion.

Popular Shiba Inu influencer Lucie was also one of those who made comments on the recently revealed collection. Lucie mentioned that several John Richmond “pieces” would likely carry the SHIB logo, which the Shiba Inu community is looking forward to seeing.

While presenting images of how John Richmond might use the Shiba Inu logo, Lucie stated, “Shiba is just the name of the breed, but we are proud of the logo.”

Boosting Shiba Inu’s Popularity With John Richmond

John Richmond has contributed to the popularity of SHIB since the two parties signed a partnership agreement in February 2022.

Top fashion events in Florence, including Milan Fashion Week and Pitti Immagine UOMO, have showcased Shiba Inu-themed outfits by John Richmond. The decision has contributed to Shiba Inu’s popularity worldwide, especially in the fashion industry.

Surprisingly, John Richmond has not yet made his SHIB-inspired creations accessible to the general public for purchase. However, according to the popular designer’s latest tweet, the Shiba Inu-themed clothing will be launched soon.

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