Shiba Inu Ecosystem Token BONE, Now Second Most Popular Asset in Netherlands

Shiba Inu Ecosystem Token BONE, Now Second Most Popular Asset in Netherlands

As the Shibarium launch draws nearer, more and more individual investors and crypto exchanges are adopting Bone ShibaSwap (BONE), the governance token of the ShibaSwap DEX. Some nations, like the Netherlands, however, favor the Shiba Inu ecosystem token more. The Shiba Inu ecosystem token BONE, in particular, is experiencing a surge in interest in the Netherlands, where it has become the second-most sought-after asset.

According to the most recent data from the top cryptocurrency tracking service CoinGecko, BONE is one of the most closely followed crypto assets in the Netherlands. In particular, the second-most used cryptocurrency in the Netherlands is the top Shiba Inu ecosystem token. 

This disclosure comes after it was reported that BONE had increased by 87% over the previous 30 days. All top 100 assets were outperformed by BONE’s strong gains, which placed the token seventh among the top 500 largest gainers. 

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Increased Europe Interest in Crypto Assets

In addition to BONE, other well-liked cryptocurrencies with significant attention in the Netherlands include Fuse (FUSE) and Cellframe (CELL). Based on statistics for web page visits from January 1 to July 9, 2023, CoinGecko examined cryptocurrency interest by country in Europe.

According to the survey, the Netherlands has also made a modest contribution to Europe’s general interest in cryptocurrencies, accounting for 7.30% of the continent’s YTD interest. The Netherlands now ranks second out of the top 21 European nations for cryptocurrency interest in 2023. 

Europe is one of the continents where people are quite interested in cryptocurrencies. However, CoinGecko found that a larger portion of Europe’s overall interest in cryptocurrencies is concentrated in the United Kingdom. In the UK, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are the two most widely used cryptocurrencies.

Poland (6.08%), Germany (4.19), Russia (4.05%), France (3.20%), Slovenia (2.89%), Romania (2.75%), Ukraine (2.40%), Spain (1.99%), Ireland (1.94%), Croatia (1.89%), Lithuania (1.61%), Sweden (1.22%), and Italy (1.17%) are some European nations with a moderate interest in cryptocurrencies. 

Nigeria accounts for the majority of cryptocurrency interest in Africa, according to a previous analysis, but cryptocurrency interest in Europe is dispersed over a number of nations on the continent. Shiba Inu is one among the most well-liked crypto assets in South Africa and Ivory Coast, according to a recent report.

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