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Leading Shiba Inu Developer Indicates Updating the Whole Ecosystem Rather Than Just Shibarium

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The layer-2 (L2) network for Shiba Inu, known as Shibarium, is set to go live, much to the excitement of the SHIB community. Due to the excitement, holders of SHIB now think that any unexplained tweets from the development team are hinting at Shibarium.

Shiba Trophias, a prominent Shiba Inu developer, provided the community with an update on the development of an undisclosed project in a recent tweet.

Trophias” noted in the tweet that “time is ticking” for the project’s official rollout.

Shiba Inu has reportedly made great strides toward the project’s launch, including finishing the project’s version 1 design, according to the senior developers. He claimed that the Shiba Inu development team is “finalizing the content” for the secret project right now. He continued by saying that the initiative would be launched in stages to let “the content flow.”

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Shibarium’s Anticipation by the Community 

They took Trophias’ reference to the impending L2 network to be about Shibarium, which the community was eagerly anticipating. Even though Trophias did not specify if the update pertained to Shibarium, a Twitter user noticed that the message represented “the first time a SHIB team member has talked about shibarium’s real thing.” Trophias replied to the user by stating that the update might not only be referring to Shibarium but also the entire Shiba Inu ecosystem.

Similarly, the community believed that Shiba Inu’s lead developer Shytoshi Kusama’s enigmatic tweet from last month was about Shibarium. Kusama tweeted “Initial design approved, I can now increase my bet. Let the debris show itself as the flow of kindness and truth washes over the world.”

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High Expectations From Shibarium 

It is not unexpected that many SHIB holders believe that Shibarium was mentioned in a recent update from Trophias. Holders of SHIB have been thinking about the L2 network because they anticipate that when it launches, Shiba Inu will reach new heights and further erode its reputation as a meme coin.

Only the impending release of Shibarium’s upgrade is known to the community. To avoid upsetting SHIB holders if the project does not launch as planned, the team has chosen not to provide an official start date for the L2 network. Public testing for Shibarium was initially planned to begin in Q3 2022. However, because of difficulties in development, it was postponed. Since then, the development team has declined to provide a precise date.

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