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Shiba Inu Developer Hints At Shibarium’s Ability To Withstand Harsh Winters

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Before the highly anticipated layer-2 network’s beta debut, Shiba Inu’s leading developer, Shytoshi Kusama, has made hints about Shibarium’s survival prospects. Kusama recently suggested in a tweet that Shibarium will flourish even in the harshest winters.

Kusama made this known yesterday in reaction to a tweet from @shibarium_, which reads: “The tree of life may have a thousand leaves, but all these leaves are the same tree.”

During Fall, a tree might have only a few leaves, Kusama explained, adding that the situation usually changes in Spring.

“During fall, the tree may have only a few leaves, but spring appears,” Kusama said.

Shibarium Is Like A Pine Tree, Kusama Says 

It’s interesting to note that Kusama compared Shibarium to a “Pine Tree” that thrives in all weather conditions, particularly the “harshest winters.”

“Luckily, Shibarium, in this context, is a Pine Tree. Still, it needs water, sunlight, and proper soil. But pines survive and thrive during the harshest winters,” Kusama noted.

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Team Focused on Developing Shibarium

Shiba Inu has yet to release Shibarium Beta, but Kusama is optimistic that it will live up to the expectations of the community and other crypto enthusiasts. His most recent tweet supports his belief that Shibarium won’t experience the same issues, like network congestion, that struck other Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains like Solana.

The Shiba Inu development team is dedicated to providing a scalable and effective Layer-2 network that transforms the SHIB ecosystem and the entire crypto market. It intends to accomplish this by ensuring that Shibarium transactions are conducted off-chain, lowering the cost of adopting Ethereum-based assets.

Despite demand from the public, Shiba Inu has steadfastly resisted providing a precise launch date for Shibarium. However, Its main goal is to deploy a functional L2 network with no technical issues.

The team recently advised members of the SHIB community to understand that a project of this size is more about functionality than release timing. Shiba Inu claimed it would debut Shibarium Beta, as fxcryptonews reported today.

The team announced today that Shibarium is about to launch by publishing an introductory post that clarifies some fundamental concepts regarding the project for learning and understanding.

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