Shiba Inu Card Game is Coming Soon! Here are the Latest Updates, News & More

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu has remained relevant in cryptocurrency as it looks to be more than just a competition for Dogecoin. So far, the ecosystem has seen the development of relevant projects with the community’s backing. 

The team behind the memecoin recently announced plans to unroll the Shiba Inu Collectible Card Game in November 2021. However, about ten months later, the network gave the community a sneak peek into the Shiba Eternity game via Twitter.

Shiba Inu Strikes Partnership With PlaySide to Develop the Card Game

In the wake of the news, the SHIB team announced its partnership with Australia’s most prominent game developer PlaySide Studios. According to a December 2021 press release, the firm had signed a work-for-hire contract with the Shiba Inu network.

The contract’s content stated that the development term would be eight months. In addition, it was a milestone-based agreement where PlaySide had to formulate a multiplayer Collectable Card Game. 

The agreement further read:

“Under the agreement, PlaySide will provide production, design, engineering, art, user interface, and experience development services to Shiba Inu Games on a new game title during the 8-month term of the agreement.”

More Information on the Gameplay of Shiba Eternity

Despite the current development of the gameplay, the game makers have been dropping hints. One of the hints includes how the game will pan out. The art of the Shiboshi NFT would inspire the game’s development. However, holding a Shiboshi NFT wouldn’t be a requirement to play the game, Shytoshi confirmed.

In addition, the game would feature a whopping 1000 SHIB-themed cards. In February 2022, William Volk, the game’s developer, affirmed that the game wouldn’t be a mere clone of existing card games. However, Queenie, the Shiba Inu Discord moderator, stated,

“[The cards would] pay homage to past iconic games, and it keeps with our meme heritage.”

Ryoshi, the anonymous founder of the network, also confirmed that the game would entail a card based on him as well.

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Shiba Inu Cards Released to Date

Towards May, Shytoshi rolled out the ‘BONK!’ card dedicated to fudders.

At the start of July, Shytoshi also shared the image of a card that read, “Give all friendly fighters two attacks at the end of your next turn.” This was in light of the players’ next move.

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More recently, on Shiba Inu’s second anniversary, Shytoshi revealed two more cards. One was called ‘Ancestral Blessing’ while the other was called ‘Sold Early.’ Interestingly, ‘Sold Early’ was aimed at those who gave up on the memecoin. Hence, it was “a moment of silence for those who sold early.”

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Right after the release of these cards, Volk stated,

“This is just a small sample of the cool cards in Shiba Eternity. It’s a very deep game with more strategy than most Collectable Card Games.”

Furthermore, the images of several cards are expected to be released before the game’s launch.

Shiba Eternity Release Date

There had been multiple speculations about the release date of the card game. Some suggested that the game would release in July 2022, considering the 8-month agreement that Shiba Inu had with PlaySide.

However, most of the community believes the game will be out in September this year.

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