Shiba Inu Burns: Bigger Entertainment Founder Explains Why He Withdrew Support From Burn Campaigns

Shib: the metaverse

Recall that Bigger Entertainment was one of the significant heavyweights during the burning party. However, the SHIBArmy was disappointed to discover that the company withdrew from burning SHIB on 1 April. Since the update, many SHIB investors have been curious about what led to the turn of events. 

Why Bigger Entertainment Founder Stopped Burning Parties

Steven Cooper, the owner of Bigger Entertainment, led many burn parties for SHIB. But, according to an International Business Times (IB Times) report, he explained why his firm decided to leave the campaign.

Speaking with IB Times, Cooper mentioned that the Shiba Inu development team lacked transparency, leading to his withdrawal from the partnership. He added that he got an invite to a Discord group to produce in-store playlists for the Naples-based restaurant. But he was not convinced when he saw that the attendees were using pseudonymous names and avatars to hide their identities.

The Bigger Entertainment boss also noted that he was met with much opposition by some of the attendees, especially the Shiba Inu team, who accused his company of being petty with the token and always sharing too much information with the public. In addition, Cooper added that the developers’ tone sounded like people within the age range of their 20s.

He pointed out that Shiba Inu and Welly’s team revealed the amount of $BONE, the native cryptocurrency of decentralised exchange ShibaSwap, sold on the trading platform.

Bigger Entertainment Vs Developers

Based on the reasons above, especially on the issues of lack of transparency, Cooper called his partnership off from the SHIB burn campaigns.

According to Cooper:

“Between the information shared, the tone of the conversation, being cursed out, and having no regard for community burn efforts, we decided it was best to dissociate completely.” 

Bigger Entertainment’s SHIB Burning Achievements

Cooper spearheaded the burning exercise to reduce SHIB’s total supply from one quadrillion, boosting the token’s value to $0.01. 

The company achieved the objective by raising funds through its streaming platform and merchandise sales. Cooper’s company then used the profit generated from the sales to buy Shiba Inu coins, which were burned. As a result, the SHIB community burned 410,309,765,509,065 SHIB, majorly with the help of Bigger Entertainment.