Shib Army Destroys 1.31 Billion Shiba Inu In A Week While Reclaiming 1 Billion Weekly Coin Burn

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Army destroys 1.31 billion weekly, 132.88 million in the last 24 hours, and 190 BONE tokens.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) regained the burning of 1 billion SHIB tokens in a week. The Shib army only burnt 565M coins last week. More than 1.31 billion dog-themed tokens have been destroyed, including 132.88 million in the previous day.

Shiba Inu tokens worth over 1.31 billion have been permanently removed from circulation in the last week thanks to 121 separate transactions, according to data from the tracking portal Shibburn. In one significant transaction, 1CENT, one of the tokens used to burn SHIB, also destroyed 190 Bone ShibaSwap, the currency used to control the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

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Among the notable SHIB Burners projects are Travis Johnson’s SHIB Super Store and the 1Cent token. This week’s largest SHIB Burner was Travis Johnson’s SHIB Super Store, which delivered 51.12 million SHIB to the “inferno” address.

The second-largest SHIB Burner of the week was 1Cent, a token dedicated to burning Shiba Inu and Bone ShibaSwap. On Tuesday, June 28, 1Cent Token held its weekly burn event. The developers of the 1Cent token made a single transaction to send 39,607,555 (or 39.60M) SHIB to a dead wallet. 190 Bones were burned in total as part of another notable transaction that the project completed simultaneously.

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Burn in the Past 24 Hours announces that, in addition to weekly burns, a total of 132,886,347 (132.88M) SHIB tokens have been permanently removed from circulation in 17 different transactions in the previous 24 hours.