SHIB and DOGE have been Top on Robinhood for Two weeks now

SHIB and DOGE have been Top on Robinhood for Two weeks now
SHIB and DOGE have been Top on Robinhood for Two weeks now

Shiba Inus and Dogecoin are doing well. Both Are Leading on Robinhood for the Second Week in a Row.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) are among the top 5 gaining assets according to Robinhood for the second week in a row, with DOGE taking the top spot.

Most crypto assets on the market have rallied to encouraging heights as the bulls have orchestrated a fierce comeback against the bears.

Amid this renewed strength, DOGE and SHIB have shown some resistance to the bears, maintaining their rankings among the top 5 highest-gaining assets on Robinhood’s list for the second consecutive week, with DOGE continuing to hold the top spot.

Robinhood disclosed as it shared a dashboard with the top market movers from the previous week on Twitter as part of its weekly update on cryptocurrencies.

The top-performing stock, DOGE, increased by 58.9% this week, according to statistics from Robinhood. SHIB earned the fifth spot by gaining 15.8% over the previous week. 

The unwavering strength of both assets signals a rise in investor interest as the market moves into more advantageous regions.

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Bullish sentiment sparked by billionaire Elon Musk’s hints of a potential integration with Twitter has been DOGE’s primary source of support lately.

The meme coin’s rally picked up steam right after Musk took control of Twitter, and despite facing ferocious opposition along the way, DOGE has kept most of its gains. 

David Gokhshtein, a former candidate for the US Congress, recently predicted an impending ATH for DOGE as the asset soared to unexpected heights amid these hints.

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As reported, Dogecoin’s rally, which picked up steam on October 25, propelled the asset to the top of Robinhood’s top-gaining assets in 7 days after it increased by more than 40% as of October 29.

The asset’s uptrend continued, pushing the meme coin to a 7-month high of $0.14 on Tuesday before running into bearish resistance that caused it to drop below the 13-cent mark. 

Despite this opposition, DOGE kept its position above the $0.12 support level and kept most of the gains it had made the previous week.

Contrarily, SHIB has had to weather the storm without support from the wealthiest man in the world, and the asset seems to be doing quite well. 

Shiba Inu’s recent significant price increase has mainly been attributed to a growing trend of whale accumulation

As a result, Shib earned a spot on Robinhood’s top 5 list of assets with the highest gains two weeks ago, as noted. 

Since then, SHIB has continued its upward trend, maintaining its price above $0.000011 despite various obstacles.

Due to the rising demand injected into the markets, DOGE and SHIB have maintained their positions on the Robinhood list of the top-performing crypto assets. 

SHIB has increased by 2.23% over the last day and is now trading at $0.00001293. Currently, DOGE is trading at $0.13, up a tremendous 6% over the previous day.