Security of XRP Asset Assured as Ledger Address Live Application Error

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Ledger, a well-known manufacturer of crypto hardware wallets, recently brought attention to a problem that some of its users were having with XRP. According to Ledger support, some customers have trouble sending XRP through the Ledger Live mobile application while others have problems creating XRP accounts or receiving XRP via the Ledger Live mobile app.

However, the corporation reassured customers that their assets were safe and unaffected by the problems they were experiencing. Ledger recommended users update their mobile applications to the most recent version (v.3.20.1). The most recent upgrade, however, has been identified by users as the root of the current problems.

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The Issue With the Ledger Live Mobile App

The primary issue is that when users try to register an XRP account or conduct XRP transactions using the Ledger Live mobile application, they encounter an error message that says “API HTTP 418.” Although Many users have complained about the report, they have noted that Ledger has not responded favorably.

However, Ledger has urged users to view and manage their XRP using the Ledger Live desktop application if the mobile app’s problems continue. The platform also clarified that it still needs to understand what led to the 418 error fully but will keep updating the public with new details as their inquiries continue. 

For context, the Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP) created “HTTP 418” as a non-standard code that was intended to be humorous. The code often appears when a user attempts to communicate with a server, but the server is not responding to the request or does not support the request the user is making.

XRP Users are Guaranteed their Assets’ Security

As mentioned, Ledger guarantees customers that their XRP funds are secure. This is probably because although the Ledger Live mobile application has a bug, it doesn’t hold any assets belonging to investors. The offline hardware wallets securely hold the money and the keys, while the mobile app is used to manage them.

The usage of hardware wallets, like those offered by Ledger, which have shown to be excellent defenses against attacks, has been promoted by industry players amid a rash of hacks within the cryptocurrency landscape. Recently, Certik revealed that $103.6 million was lost to cryptocurrency breaches and frauds just last month.

Ledger has never experienced a loss of assets due to a hack, although the platform did have a security breach in July 2020 that affected more than 270,000 users. In December of that year, the hackers released the sensitive information of the impacted clients. Ledger acknowledged that the information came from its e-commerce database and guaranteed the security of users’ assets.

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