Ripple Vs SEC: December 15 Settlement is “Not True”


Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Input Global and Cardano, revealed during a surprise Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Saturday that he heard rumors of a Ripple settlement with the SEC on December 15. 

I’ve heard rumors that the Ripple case will be settled December 15,” Hoskinson said. “And we’ll just see, and that could have catastrophic implications for the industry, one way or the other.”

However, Eleanor Terrett, a FOX Business reporter, tweeted, “It’s not true,” in response to these allegations. The reporter confirmed in a later tweet that there is no validity to the story, according to insiders familiar with the situation.

The journalist has had to refute rumors of a Ripple settlement date with the SEC twice in as many months. The reporter denied rumors on FOX Business that there would be any settlement on November 15.

Pro-XRP lawyer John E. Deaton asserted that the XRP community is safer by relying on Terrett’s words.

“Ellie’s sources would know before anyone else,” Deaton tweeted. “She says not true.”

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XRP Community Shows Discontent in Hoskinson’s Role in the Rumor

Predictably, some XRP users have since turned on Hoskinson. One user responded to Terrett by saying that the IOG founder ran the risk of becoming a conspiracy theorist.

Another individual called the founder of the cryptocurrency “dense” for not being aware of the power he wields in the crypto sector in response to Hoskinson’s tweet clarifying that it was hearsay. Another user noted that XRP influencers have already promoted this settlement date in many YouTube videos. Meanwhile, XRP the Standard Productions (@XRP Productions) chose to mock the Cardano CEO.

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The XRP community has criticized Hoskinson twice in recent months, and this time is no different.  The founder of Cardano attracted criticism from the community in October, after claiming that there is a “grand conspiracy” to portray William Hinman’s alleged conflict of interest with Ethereum.

In October, this chronology was condensed by the solicitor to November 15, which would have had an impact on the FOX Business report. However, later that same month, Hogan claimed that since both sides had seen “everything” from one another, a settlement outside of court now appeared implausible.

According to a tweet from the solicitor in November, the court will make the controversial Hinman records available to the public in January 2023, if the issue is not resolved. It is important to note that the SEC and Ripple have submitted their last arguments in the matter. Everyone is anticipating Judge Analisa Torres’ summary judgment ruling and any prospective trial that may follow.

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