Ripple Gears Up for IPO – Analyst Spots Key Indicators


In a recent video analysis, crypto expert Lewis Jackson delved into various indicators suggesting that Ripple is actively preparing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Jackson examined the company’s recent hiring patterns, strategic expansion initiatives, and ongoing regulatory challenges as crucial steps in readiness for its public debut.

Ripple: Notable Signs of IPO 

Jackson highlighted Ripple’s significant increase in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, emphasising, “Before an IPO occurs, a company will start doing M&A, and this M&A activity means mergers and acquisitions. Now we’ve seen Ripple buy Metaco, and they were in contact with Fortress, and you know there are all kinds of things happening where they were acquiring companies left, right and centre.”

Furthermore, he drew attention to Ripple’s strategic hiring initiatives, particularly for roles like director and manager of corporate development, which are crucial in steering strategic growth, managing M&A, and establishing new partnerships. Jackson emphasised that this timing aligns with Ripple’s preparation for an IPO and the importance of these positions in shaping a robust business model.

Jackson also explored Ripple’s recruitment of various engineering positions to enhance infrastructure and technical capabilities, highlighting the company’s focus on growth and expansion, even if it doesn’t directly indicate IPO prospects.

According to Jackson, the most telling sign of Ripple’s IPO readiness is the hiring of a shareholder communication senior manager, a pivotal role in investor relations. He noted, “This role is being hired in London, Miami, and New York […] This role is fundamental in the journey to going public.”

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Where Will The IPO Take Place?

Jackson also shared his insights on the potential listing locations for the fintech company, singling out the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as a primary choice. He considered London and Dubai as alternative options. He reasoned that the hiring patterns suggest a preference for the American market, aligning with the possibility of an NYSE listing, despite Ripple’s global presence.

Addressing regulatory challenges, Jackson expressed optimism about Ripple’s ongoing legal battle with the SEC, stating, “The SEC has completely lost, right? They’ve completely lost against Ripple.”

Jackson concluded with a forward-looking perspective, rallying the community by likening early investors in Ripple to the founding shareholders of Facebook in 2005, saying, “This is going to happen where and the specific details, the price that it goes public. This is all very unknown, but this is coming. They’re preparing for it.”

While the crypto community speculates on Ripple’s future moves, Jackson’s analysis offers compelling arguments for an impending IPO. However, the accuracy of these claims can only be confirmed with time. As of the current moment, Ripple has not made any official announcement regarding an IPO, leaving investors and enthusiasts monitoring the company’s strategic developments.

At the time of writing, XRP was trading at $0.6043.

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