Ripple Bolsters Cross-Border Payments, Partnering with Uphold


San Francisco’s Ripple, a leader in payment solutions, has just announced an exciting partnership with U.S. trading platform Uphold. Aiming to enhance its already robust cross-border payment system, Ripple will integrate solutions provided by Uphold. 

Ripple Vision for Global Payments

Transitioning from traditional payment systems, Ripple’s cross-border solution offers numerous advantages. Now, with the goal of further expansion and overcoming challenges from the U.S. SEC, the firm has found an ally in Uphold. Ripple recognizes that Uphold’s advanced trading infrastructure streamlines asset transfers, bridging the gap between conventional currencies and cryptocurrencies across various networks. 

Consequently, businesses worldwide can effortlessly serve their customers and facilitate global transactions.

Simon McLoughlin, Uphold’s CEO, eagerly commented on this collaboration, expressing Uphold’s enthusiasm to be pivotal in Ripple’s mission of seamless international settlements. 

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Furthermore, he highlighted Uphold’s state-of-the-art automated trading system, which interfaces with nearly 30 trade venues, ensuring narrow spreads and optimal liquidity. Recognizing this potential, Ripple seeks to incorporate these venues, paving the way for faster and more efficient conversions between crypto and fiat currencies. 

Expanding beyond this partnership, Ripple continues to push boundaries. Historically, the firm revolutionized the landscape of international payments, integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency on an unparalleled scale. 

Over the years, Ripple’s offerings have evolved, encompassing emerging business requirements such as tokenization, custody, and liquidity provision.

Serving an impressive range of clients across over 55 countries and boasting capabilities in more than 70 markets, Ripple’s achievements are evident. They’ve successfully facilitated over 20 million cross-border transactions, with a staggering volume of $30 billion.

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Uphold: The Logical Partner

Choosing Uphold as a partner seems a natural move for Ripple. Despite the tumultuous legal battle between Ripple and the U.S. SEC, which led many U.S. exchanges to delist XRP, Uphold steadfastly supported Ripple and its cryptocurrency (XRP). 

In doing so, Uphold became a beacon for American investors eager to trade XRP when it faced challenges in the U.S. market. Following Ripple’s triumphant win in court, XRP has returned to other exchanges.

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