Ripio App Confirms it Will be Supporting Shiba Inu Soon

Shiba Inu

Ripio App, a bitcoin and digital payments company that offers electronic payment solutions to Latin American businesses, is planning to list Shiba Inu on its platform as soon as possible.

In a recent response to one of Shiba Inu Community members’ tweets, Ripio App admits that the company is in love with Shiba Inu Community and will soon list SHIB.

“It’s coming very soon, maybe we are already loving this community.”

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Julieta Schulkin also calls for this support

Julieta Schulkin, one of the hosts of Argentian Top FM radio station ‘Urbana Play,’ also requested that Shiba Inu support be added to the Ripio App while hosting one of her programs titled “Mundo Tech” on Urbana Play 104.3 FM.

“SHIBArmy is a Giant, so with RipioApp’s permission, we would love to show the entire Shiba Inu ecosystem to the community,” she explained. SHIB represents a revolution.”

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Ripio App would be the first exchange in Argentina to list Shiba Inu on its platform. The app has over 1 million registered users. This could prompt other Argentina-based exchanges to list Shiba Inu on their platforms in the future.


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