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Proposal Passed To Allocate 937.5M LUNC To Terra Rebels

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Terra Classic Proposal to Allocate 937.5 Million LUNC to Terra Rebels Passes Governance Vote.

Terra Classic network validators have approved 937.5M LUNC for Terra Rebels to make Rebel Station independent of TFL infrastructure.

According to a tweet from community influencer Classy (@ClassyCrypto_), a proposal to allocate 937.5 million Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) to the Terra Rebels to make Rebel Station independent of Terraform Labs infrastructure has passed the governance vote.

The Terra Rebels confirmed the news in a tweet a few hours later. The independent developers’ group pledged to contribute to ensuring the chain’s sustainability, thanking validators for their support.

terra rebels

“We’d like to thank the validators and community for hiring us to secure the chain’s wallet interface and backend infrastructure,” the group wrote. “We look forward to providing deliverables to the chain and developing and maintaining software clients that will serve lunc well into the future.”

Remember that the Rebels launched the proposal after TFL’s support of The Terra Station for the classic network was called into question earlier this month, highlighting the dangers of TFL reliance. The Terra Rebels launched the proposal, requesting nearly $150k from the community pool, in an attempt to provide a community-owned wallet alternative. According to the proposal, developers will need two months to detach Rebel Station from TFL infrastructure.

Despite passing the governance vote, several influential voices in the community remain opposed to the proposal.

A competing development group, TerraCVita, called it a waste of community pool funds. In contrast to the Terra Rebels’ claim that the work will take two months, the TerraCVita claims that it can be completed in a matter of days by a single developer.

StrathCole (@ColeStrathclyde), a LUNCPenguins member, stated in a lengthy Twitter thread dissecting the proposal that it fails to provide a detailed breakdown of how the Terra Rebels will spend the funds. According to StrathCole, the community is better off spending money on upgrades that will make the Terra Classic chain compatible with the Interchain Station now that the uncertainty surrounding Terra Station support has been removed.

Popular Community validator LUNC DAO stated that they couldn’t understand why validators voted for the proposal they thought was vague.

It is worth noting that TFL independence has always been on the Terra Rebels’ agenda. In September, core developer Edward Kim stated that due to ties to Do Kwon and TFL, several developers hoping to help rebuild the chain were hesitant.

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