Polygon Set to Launch Intella X, a Blockchain Gaming Platform


Neowizz, a South Korean online game publisher, is the latest to test the Web3 waters, with Polygon announcing an upcoming collaboration between the two companies. Polygon announced today in a tweet that the two companies have joined forces to launch Intella, a blockchain gaming platform.

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Intella Is a Gaming Platform

According to a post on Polygon’s website, Neowizz Intellectual Property (IP) games will be converted to Web3 games on Intella. Popular Neowizz games like “Cats & Soup” and “Brave Nine,” as well as social casino games like House of Slots and House of Poker, are set to launch on the platform in 2023. A new PFP NFT project, “Early Retired Cats Club”, is also included.

According to the post, the platform would also adhere to the Web3 principle of revenue redistribution based on a developing and earning model. This means developers who help the platform grow will be compensated in the platform’s native token “IX.”

Similarly, projects built on the platform will be compensated in IX and receive a percentage of the revenue generated. As with most other Web3 games, players will be able to earn IX and other tokens on the game, which they can later exchange for IX.

In addition, an IX wallet will be created on the platform for players and developers to store their Intella IX and tokens.

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Drive for Polygon WEB3 Game Partnership

This latest collaboration adds to Polygon’s growing list of Web3 gaming projects with well-known game developers and publishers. Existing collaborations include Atari, Ubisoft, Animoca, Wildcard, and Tilting Point.

On August 4, the Ethereum-hosted network partnered with web3 games development studio Epic League, following the studio’s $100 million valuation. The collaboration is expected to bring some of the studio’s most recognizable games, such as Dark Throne, an action roleplaying game.

In addition, Polygon recently partnered with Game Space to bring more gamers to Web3 games.