Polygon Is Developing A Decentralized Version Of The Gaming Platform Steam


Gaming took on a whole new dimension at the start of 2020. Web3 gaming projects began to emerge. Gaming has gone blockchain. Polygon is now venturing into the gaming world in collaboration with GameSwift.

Polygon has recently experienced exponential growth. In addition to the current agreement with GameSwift, the network has launched other gaming-related platforms such as Intella X. The network’s entry into the gaming world is an obvious attempt to build a gaming platform similar to Steam, which is a platform for creating, playing, and discussing digital games. It currently hosts nearly 30,000 games and has a fanbase of 100 million people.

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Moving Gaming From Web2 to Web3

Polygon (formerly MATIC) and GameSwift (formerly StarTerra) have joined forces to develop a mechanism for advancing web2 games into the web3 sphere. Web3 gaming systems are the current gaming buzz, attracting a lot of interest from both old and new gamers who want to experience the advanced web3 gaming environment.

GameSwift intends to capitalize on its collaboration with Polygon to develop web3 gaming solutions by utilizing Polygon’s supernets to establish a new chain for that purpose.

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What Polygon Contributes to the Gaming Industry

Polygon’s debut in the gaming world introduced the capabilities of Polygon Edge technology, which guarantees higher throughput and very low transaction fees for users. GameSwift CEO Wojciech Gruszka commented on the new development, saying,

“Choosing Polygon for GameSwift also means low transaction costs, ease of implementation compared to other available technologies, and access to the disruptive technological solutions offered by Polygon.”

Polygon is also funding the creation of new games in collaboration with GameSwift. The network has already pledged a financial grant for this purpose. In addition, the GameSwift ecosystem will gain features such as the GameSwift portal, studios, ID, Analytics, Extension, SDK, Launcher, and a Bridge to other networks as a result of the partnership.

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