Your Very Own Metaverse in Our Metaverse

54 Your Very Own Metaverse in Our Metaverse Your Very Own Metaverse in Our Metaverse

According to tech celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella, the metaverse is the future of the internet. But what exactly does this brand new technology entail, and what does it hold for the future? Is the metaverse just like Zoom or a video game but with virtual headsets?

Facebook announced its rebranding of Meta six months ago, declaring that it would be creating its own metaverse. Since then, across the world, people have been trying to get a clear picture of precisely what that will look like—and so far, no one company has had a linear approach to the metaverse. However, meta is building a VR social platform, Roblox is entering user-generated video games, and some companies are dipping their toes into the metaverse, with video games starting to integrate NFTs.

There is also a good amount of funds going into marketing the metaverse. Facebook, for one, has been trying to capitalise on the metaverse with its fashion venture, which has a digital wardrobe that they can swipe on every morning. On the other hand, some say that the lack of clarity we have for the metaverse stems from it still being in its nascency.

About Metaverse

So far, the metaverse refers to a broad and often speculative shift in how users interact with technology. The term may become obsolete once it is rapidly adopted into the mainstream and becomes commonplace in cyberspace. Technically speaking, the “metaverse” includes but isn’t limited to the usage of virtual reality and virtual worlds that exist even when players aren’t playing and augmented reality that merges aspects of digital and physical worlds.

These metaverse worlds can be accessed through PCs, game consoles, and even phones. It doesn’t have to be only virtual or augmented reality. Many companies that have embraced metaverse technology are discussing a new sort of digital economy, where users can create, buy, and sell goods—like clothes or cars. But perhaps one of the most intriguing and exciting parts of the advent of metaverse technology is the opportunity to own your virtual real estate., one of the frontrunners in the metaverse space, is launching its new platform that lets users do just this. Wants to Revolutionize Metaverse aims to revolutionise the way NFTs are purchased and traded by offering a 3D gallery viewing in the virtual world that helps collectors have a life-like experience. They also intend to evolve educational experiences by creating learning centres on their metaverse. Designed to provide a rich, interactive experiences that facilitate socialization, education, entertainment, commerce, and more, its revolutionary platform knows no bounds.

Ultimately, the platform’s mission is to provide social interaction in the metaverse while facilitating social distancing in the real world. It also intends to correct one of the significant problems metaverse users face: they are not created equally and can be cost-prohibitive.

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