Outspoken Dogecoin Co-founder Makes Derogatory Comments About Bitcoin’s Price


Dogecoin and Bitcoin are pretty similar because they paved the way for other crypto assets and memecoins that followed them. However, their similarities did not stop the DOGE founder from taking a dig at Bitcoin on Twitter.

Billy Markus, known for criticising other crypto projects, commented on the leading digital asset Bitcoin in his recent tweet. In response to a tweet about progress, Markus shared the price chart of BTC. In addition, he noted how he could not tell if there was any progress regarding the price of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin community reacted in support of the top digital currency, urging Markus to zoom out and see the progress of BTC. Other Bitcoin holders even pointed out how they purchased BTC when its price was limited to double or triple digits. Therefore, the current state of BTC is considered “progress” to them.

Here’s how the Bitcoin chart looks zoomed out.

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Dogecoin Founder Praises DOGE

The top dog-themed token continues to lead the way for other memecoins in terms of support and value. The asset made its debut even before Ethereum. However, following the dominance of the bears, the token witnessed a drastic plummet. 

Dogecoin was one of the earliest cryptocurrencies, but the price of DOGE remains stagnant. Despite garnering high-profile endorsements from Elon Musk, the addition of the asset to Tesla and eventually SpaceX, and GenZ’s craze around the meme coin, DOGE has failed to hit $1.

Nevertheless, the shortcomings of DOGE in the crypto market did not stop Markus from sharing his thoughts about its progress. In his following tweet, Markus praised DOGE and pointed out that anything over zero was progressive.

The leading memecoin is trading at $0.07086 with a 24-hour trading volume of $260,698,644. DOGE rose by 3.68% in the last 24 hours.

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