Now Accepting Shiba Inu Using FCF Pay on American Airlines and Air Canada

Shiba Inu Listed On Bitcastle Exchange With Bonus Campaign
Shiba Inu Listed On Bitcastle Exchange With Bonus Campaign

Shiba Inu (SHIB) owners can now make airline reservations using their FCF Pay Visa Card with American Airlines and Air Canada.

The largest airline in the world, American Air, and Air Canada, the national carrier of Canada, have partnered with FCF Pay, according to a recent announcement. 

Through this partnership, holders of FCF Pay debit cards can pay for goods and services from hundreds of online shops using more than 20 stablecoins and Shiba Inu, the only non-stable coin.

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The news was published on Twitter by FCF Pay.

In addition, owners of Shiba Inu can use their SHIB via FCFPay Visa Card to make purchases on Amazon and stream content from Netflix via subscription. 

Users of FCF Pay’s virtual visa cards can also use them to convert their cryptocurrency holdings into local money by connecting them to Apple/Google Pay in the US and Canada.

Before this, FCF cards permitted users to make 20 stablecoin purchases online. On October 22nd, 2022, FCF Pay began accepting Shiba Inu for their cards.

Even in a bear market, Shiba Inu is still quite popular. As was previously reported, the first-ever top exchange in Japan, BitPoint, announced a proposal to provide support for Shiba Inu.

An exclusive $25 travel credit offer to book more than 3 million hotels, flights and other services was just developed by the cryptocurrency-friendly travel website in partnership with Shiba Inu.

The World Economic Forum invited Shiba Inu to assist with global metaverse policy, according to the project’s principal developer, Shytoshi Kusama.


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