New Whale Added 3.36T Shiba; Trading Volume Surpass $1B

Top Whale Adds 290B Shiba Inu as the Price Rises
Top Whale Adds 290B Shiba Inu as the Price Rises

As SHIB’s price performance over the past week was fantastic, a brand-new Shiba Inu Whale emerged. The Whale made a significant addition to SHIB, valued at $40.80 Million.

Recently, according to a tip from Whale Alert, an anonymous wallet made a single, substantial transfer of an astounding 3,369,887,165,968 (3.36T) SHIB, worth $40,809,333 ($40.80M), to a brand-new wallet.

According to statistics from, the transaction was completed about 12 hours ago. 3.369T Shiba Inu is stored at the address, and the amount transferred to the new wallet remains static.

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The most well-known cryptocurrency with a canine motif, Shiba Inu, had a fantastic price-performance the previous week, leading The Whale to amass a sizeable amount. 

According to information from CoinMarketCap, the price of Shib increased by 20.89% in just seven days. 

Shib experienced considerable price increases after overcoming the most significant resistance on Saturday, which was at $0.00001180 on the daily chart. 

Shib currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $1,077,313,791 ($1.07B).



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