New Terra (LUNA) Chain and Terra Classic Network Cannot Merge

Burn Rate Rises Over Weekend, 5M Terra LUNC Burnt

The Terra Classic network and the new Terra chain cannot merge on a protocol level, and it is impossible to integrate the two chains at the code level.

This was revealed by Terraform Labs employee Jared in a tweet yesterday, putting to rest rumors that the two blockchains would be merged at the protocol level. 

Both blockchains are autonomous, and developers cannot modify that, the TFL staff claims. 

However, he points out that cooperation between developers of the various blockchains is already taking place if the community wants it to.

“… it’s really about what you mean by ‘merge’,” Jared wrote. “They are sovereign chains. You can’t change that factor.”

“If you mean, you would like developers to work together, that is happening. That is feasible.”

Merge Narrative Not New Among Community

As noted by community contributor Asobs, speculations concerning a merger between the two networks reached a fever pitch with 15.3k tweets yesterday.

In the meantime, the Terra Classic community is familiar with the merger story. 

One of the main forces behind the story has been LUNC DAO, a network validator and community influencer who has established a reputation for being a vociferous backer of Terra creator Do Kwon and TFL. 

The validator yesterday made it clear in a lengthy thread that the concept of a merge was never intended to be literal.

Apparently, there was a lot of opposition to the concept at first. 

This is because many people in the community had lost faith in the once charismatic founder of Terra and TFL, either because they held them accountable for the TerraUSD (UST) de-peg, which caused the ecosystem death spiral and wiped out at least $60 billion in investor funds, or because they had resentments toward Do Kwon for choosing to focus on a new chain.

However, anger toward Do Kwon has significantly decreased in the wake of the disclosure of an audit from the Luna Foundation Guard outlining how it used the Bitcoin reserve to defend the UST peg and reports of an ongoing inquiry into Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX’s role in the de-peg event. 

The community’s opposition to a possible merger of both chains has also been influenced by TFL’s ongoing support for the classic chain, most recently with the Interchain Station.

Community Efforts to Aid Terra LUNC Recovery

Influential community members have recently urged Binance to remove the LUNA warning label from CoinMarketCap, claiming that doing so will help Terra Luna Classic recover (LUNC).

Many proponents, including LUNC DAO, have argued that both blockchains’ success is interconnected. 

This is due to the widespread perception that the traditional chain has a growing community that the new chain does not, while the new chain has the development activity that the traditional chain does not. 

Therefore, backers of technological parity between the two chains think developers on the Terra chain would want to also deploy on the old chain to draw users from its enormous user base.

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