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New SHIB Whale Born as 1.2T Shiba Inu Transferred to Wallet

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Shiba Inu transferred in astonishing numbers to new wallets as prices increased by more than 5 percent.

According to information provided by the Etherscan tracker, a significant sum of Shiba Inu was transferred to a new cryptocurrency wallet about 14 hours ago.

This can be a sign of a brand-new cryptocurrency whale. According to the SHIB lump they received and the current SHIB/USD exchange rate, it is worth $11,983,603. The Shiba Inu meme coins in the sender’s wallet are now gone.

As previously mentioned, SHIB, the second-most popular meme coin, has recently been listed on Bitcastle, a new cryptocurrency trading platform. 

The exchange advertises generous SHIB incentives to entice users to sign up.

Before that listing, the Japanese exchange BITPoint also introduced SHIB functionality. But after that, the SHIB army tweeted the Fidelity Investments company’s account to ask that it add the dog token. 

The ambiguous response that Fidelity hoped to broaden its crypto offering beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum shortly was welcomed by the Shib army. This time, no agreement was reached regarding getting a Shiba Inu.

The amount of SHIB in circulation is still being decreased by the SHIB army. 

Shibburn tracker recently tweeted that over 666 million canine tokens have been transferred to “inferno” wallets over the previous month.

Since Nov. 28, the price of SHIB has increased by more than 5% in recent days. The well-known meme token is now being traded for $0.00000922. 

The previous record high was $0.00008845, reached in October of last year, and is now 89.54% lower.

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