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New Key Infrastructure With Allnodes  Delivered, Claims TerraCVita 

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The critical Terra Station infrastructure has received its final update, according to Terra Classic Development Group, TerraCVita.

In a tweet yesterday, TerraCVita announced that it had finished the final FCD endpoint update to enable independent hosting of the Terra Classic network.

According to the release, the company accomplished the crucial Terra Station infrastructure requirement with assistance from Allnodes.

Jared, a member of Terraform Labs, previously revealed that Terra Station’s shaky infrastructure was generating problems with withdrawals and stakes and that TerraCVita, Allnodes, and the Terra Rebels were all working on separate fixes.

While Rex Harrison, AKA Rexzy, a senior TerraCVita member, claimed in a separate communication that TerraCVita provided the infrastructure in place of Allnodes, Jared insisted that Allnodes was supplying backup infrastructure. 

The most recent announcement suggests that TerraCVita and Allnodes may have worked together.

In an earlier tweet, TerraCVita stated that the FCD infrastructure was due last Wednesday.

TerraCVita Seeks to Position Itself on the Top of the Terra Classic Network

It’s important to note that the Terra Rebels have chosen to concentrate on Rebel Station, their TFL-independent alternative, instead of maintaining Terra Station for the Terra Classic chain. 

The action was taken after the network almost lost support from TFL Station.

TerraCVita is now trying to establish itself as the leading development team on the Terra Classic network. 

It has assisted with the network’s casino distribution and may collaborate with the Unity Development Team to build a lending and borrowing application.

It’s important to note that the development team, in its quest to surpass its rivals, is not afraid to criticize or poke fun at the methods used by its competitors.

Rexzy tweeted yesterday in response to the announcement,“… you can trust us because we are not all talk; we always deliver promises rather than break them.” 

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