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Neblio Introduces New Mobile Wallet with LUNC Staking Features

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Leading enterprise blockchain solutions provider Neblio will introduce a new mobile wallet with integrated Terra LUNC staking capabilities.

Users can stake and earn rewards in Terra Classic using the wallet. 

Additionally, the wallet will have a cross-chain staking mechanism between LUNC and NEBL, the native token of Neblio.

Terra Rebels just noted the news on their official Twitter account.

“We have something great to share with you! Neblio team has been preparing some exciting news for you guys. Their team is developing a new mobile wallet for Neblio with a staking option,” the group disclosed in a tweet on Wednesday.

They also disclosed that users would have the chance to take advantage of a cross-staking campaign launched by Neblio through the upcoming mobile wallet. 

Notably, users can stake NEBL to earn LUNC through this campaign and LUNC to earn NEBL. 

The LUNC community was shown a visual illustration of the wallet’s user interface (UI).

Neblio, a blockchain platform that makes it simple for businesses and developers to create and deploy decentralized applications, has grown in popularity among LUNC supporters, mainly due to a cooperation with Terra Rebels in October.

Community Reaction Due to Terra Rebels’ Involvement 

The majority of the community has not reacted favorably to the news because of Terra Rebels’ involvement, even though the most recent progress is encouraging. 

Comments from supporters showing disinterest in the wallet and those who remind the Terra Rebels group of the $150K community donations they allegedly took are all over the comment area.

According to reports from last month, the group was charged with misappropriating $150K worth of LUNC that they had requested through a proposal from the community. 

The independent validator LUNC DAO warned that Binance would stop supporting LUNC due to the suspected scam.

On December 25, PSX TX, an unnamed developer, and former TR member, took control of the Terra Rebels’ official Twitter account to expose some internal problems within the organization. 

He noted that, among other alleged violations, the $150K misappropriation put the organization at risk of legal action. 

Zaradar, a well-known LUNC developer, quit the TR group before these allegations gained traction, citing structural flaws.

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