MetaElfLand Announces the Completion of Finance Round After Raising $3 Million.


MetaElfLand, the NFT breeding play-to-earn game, has announced the completion of a strategic financing round of $3 million. Top tech companies, including MagnetVC, Dealean Capital, Polaris Incubator, Cryptic Guild, ZC capital, 3S group, EPB capital, superlabs, and cbzn, were involved in the process. 

The leading GameFi project, supported by top Web3 company MetaSoft, announced the update on its official Twitter handle.

The massive financial support from other blockchain and venture capital companies will allow MetaElfLand to become the leading NFT and GameFi project, allowing players to enjoy a great user experience and earn passive income.

Other Key Developments

The seed funding will allow MetaElfLand to provide top-notch gaming experiences to satisfy all players. In addition, MetaElfLand will be implemented and cross-chained to Metaverse Chain to elevate the user‘s game experience further. The GameFi project understands that gamers often prefer platforms with diverse gaming experiences. 

For example, some players can use complex strategies and tactics to compete with each other to get the highest-ranking or get coveted resources. In contrast, other players complete story missions and beat Boss to unlock deeper storylines.

MetaElfLand hopes to become an iconic NFT game that will lead the new trend of GameFi and P2E after Axie Infinity, allowing players to make money by playing the game.

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About MetaElfLand

MetaElfLand is the first NFT breeding game under Web3 company MetaSoft, revolutionising the metaverse gaming industry. The game allows players experience a virtual world filled with adventures. 

Players can earn rewards through the in-game Dailies, Player-Vs-Environment and Player-Vs-Player systems. Additionally, each player gets a chance to win the grand prize every week, making MetaElfLand far more exciting than it can imagine.

Moreover, MetaElfLand is also a fully player-determined ownership economy. It allows players to seamlessly sell and trade their game assets into digital currencies, where players can own, buy, sell, and change the resources. In addition, they acquire in the game through superb game skills and contributions to the ecosystem.

Players can collect countless unique Metaelves with different attributes, appearances, and skills. By cultivating them, the Metaelves can evolve and will all play different roles and effects in a game after meeting the right conditions.

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