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Metaelf Land: The Revolutionary Gamefi Project To Bring Real Fun And Rewards To Its Players

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GameFi is rapidly taking over the traditional gaming industry, especially since the revelation of Axie Infinity. It attracts gamers by offering them an incentive while having fun.

GameFi is an integration of games into the decentralised finance ecosystem, thereby creating an incentivised gaming experience for users. The GameFi ecosystem uses cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technology to create a virtual gaming environment.

More interestingly, the Gamefi concept is quite different from the pay-to-play model adopted by traditional video games. The pay-to-play model requires gamers to invest before they can start playing.

Typically, players can earn in-game rewards by completing tasks, battling other players, and advancing through the different game levels. Not only that, but they can also transfer their accumulated assets outside of the game to trade for real money on crypto exchanges and NFT marketplaces.

Own And Control Your Assets

One limitation of the centralized gaming model is that players are not granted exclusivity over their in-game assets. 

Metaelf Land is a virtual adventure world where players can purchase or breed a variety of Metaelves, fight alongside them in the adventure world, and get more rewards through the in-game Dailies, PVE, and PVP systems.

In addition, it is a fully player-determined ownership economy, allowing players to sell and trade their game assets into digital currencies seamlessly. That means players can own, buy, sell, and trade the resources they acquire in the game 

through superb game skills and contributions to the ecosystem for real-world money. (clue 1 Fire)

Superb Gaming Experience

More than just a means to earn actively and passively, Metaelf Land has many different gaming experiences to satisfy all types of players. 

For example, it allows some players to use complex strategies and tactics to compete to get the highest-ranking or get coveted resources, while other players complete story missions and beat Boss to unlock deeper storylines.

Players can also collect countless unique Metaelves with different attributes, appearances, and skills. By cultivating them, after meeting the right conditions, the Metaelves can evolve and will all play different roles and effects in a game. (clue 2 Elf))

Earn Passive Rewards 

Apart from the in-game rewards, a player also can earn passively in several ways. $MELT is the official governance token of the Metaelf Land ecosystem. 

Staking is one way we reward community members for locking in their MELTs or in-game assets in the form of NFTs. Players who stake NFTs or MELTs will be able to earn MELT rewards when locking tokens through the staking system.

Furthermore, Players can invite friends to join Metaelf Land by sending personal invitation codes.  (Meta)

After a friend registers and passes a certain level in the game, an amount of $MELT will be automatically added to the player’s account as an airdrop reward within 48 hours. The player can check it through the wallet.

More Developments In The Pipeline

Metaelf has promised to continue to adapt its offers with the value innovation in the blockchain technology and Gamefi space. 

Metaelf Land hopes to become an iconic NFT game that will lead the new trend of GameFi and P2E after Axie Infinity, allowing players to make money just by playing the game. (Metaelf)

You can learn more about Metaelf Land by following the links: 

Website  Telegram  Discord  Twitter 

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