Massive Burn of Shiba Inu Tokens: 4.17 Billion Tokens Destroyed Last Week

Shiba Inu's SHIB Burn Rate Surges 317% with Record of 130M Tokens Incinerated

In the past week, the burn rate of Shiba Inu has witnessed a substantial surge, with the Community burning a total of 4.17 billion SHIB tokens. This remarkable achievement was accomplished through a series of twenty-seven individual transactions, resulting in the transfer of 4,175,261,803 SHIB tokens to the dead wallet.

This recent accomplishment signifies a significant 53% surge in the burn rate compared to the previous week. During the preceding week, a total of 2.73 billion SHIB tokens were permanently removed from circulation through one hundred and thirty (130) distinct transactions.

The top SHIB burners are:

Blaze Token

Blaze Token has emerged as the primary contributor to the notable weekly burn of SHIB tokens. The project achieved a groundbreaking milestone by sending a record-breaking 3.60 billion SHIB tokens to the Inferno address in a single transaction on Monday, May 29th.

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Koyo Token

Koyo Token has established itself as the second top contributor to the SHIB burn, making a significant impact by burning 151.94 million SHIB tokens in a single robust transaction on Friday, June 2nd.

Unidentified Wallet

Additionally, the enigmatic wallet has also contributed to the reduction of the SHIB token supply. On Sunday, June 4th, this unidentified wallet eliminated a remarkable 100 million SHIB tokens in a single transaction.

Burn in The Last 24 Hours

In contrast, the Shiba Inu Community has only burned a small amount of 4.01 million SHIB tokens through two separate transactions within the past 24 hours. This reflects a significant decline in burn rate, with a decrease of -95.64% compared to the previous day.

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