Lottery Second Round Burns 7.93M LUNC, Winner Gets 18M Coins

Terra Rebels Notifies LUNC Investors of a Scam Token

Following the second round of the Terra Classic Lottery, Terra Rebels burn 7.93 million LUNC.

According to a tweet from Terra Rebels moderator ClanMudhorn yesterday, the second round of the Terra Rebels lottery game has concluded, with the winner taking home 18.3 million Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) and the Rebels transferring 7.9 million LUNC to the burn wallet.

Throughout two rounds, the game has already burnt around 18.5 million LUNC. After the last round, the game reportedly used more than 10.5 million LUNC.

For those who are unaware, the game was just released a little over two weeks ago by the independent Terra Classic developer team. 

With this one, the Terra Rebels have created the first decentralised application for the Terra Classic network.

New Details About the Game

New information indicates that the game has undergone a rebranding process since its first release. Notably, the theme of the game now shows a lunar mission. 

The game’s name has been changed from “Terra Rebels Lottery Game” to “Terra Rebels Moonshot” by the developers. 

In addition, game phases are now referred to as “Missions,” players are referred to as “Astronauts,” the winnings are referred to as “fuel,” and tickets are referred to as “Moon tickets.”

However, the Terra Rebels Discord details indicate that the game’s mechanics have remained unchanged despite rebranding. 

Each seven-day voyage to the moon costs 5000 LUNC or about $0.93 at today’s exchange rates. Notably, the game distributes 26% to the burn wallet and 60% to the winner.

Community Members Making Suggestions to Make Things Better 

Community members who are enthusiastic about the project have started to provide ideas to spice things up.

For instance, one user suggested that the Rebels distribute lottery tickets as NFTs to players, ensuring that they receive something as a reward for participating even if they do not win.

Another person also mentioned that the game might feature various modes with various time limitations for each round. 

For instance, those with less patience would choose a 24-hour round, while those who desire a better chance of winning might choose a month-long contest.

According to a tweet from reXx of the Terra Rebels yesterday, Mission 3 has already begun, and members of the LUNC community can take part by going to the “DAPPS” button on the Terra Rebels’ main website.

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