Ledger Now Allows Users to Create Cardano Smart Contracts 

Ledger Now Allows Users to Create Cardano Smart Contracts
Ledger Now Allows Users to Create Cardano Smart Contracts

Cardano now has more support from Ledger. It’s now possible to download the Cardano Babbage v5.0.0 app on Ledger Live, which enables users to create smart contracts.

The eagerly anticipated Cardano Babbage v5.0.0 app is now accessible for download on Ledger Live, according to a tweet from Ledger Support yesterday. 

The Vasil upgraded Plutus script will be used in the app to enable users to create smart contracts.

Users must confirm that they are using the latest versions of the Ledger Live app and the Ledger wallet’s firmware before downloading the app.

Users must follow the instructions below, as stated in the Ledger Support blog post, to download the most recent Cardano App.

Here’s How to Download the Cardano App

  • Connect to your Ledger device and unlock it.
  • Navigate to “Experimental Features” under settings on the Ledger Live interface.
  • Turn on “Developer Mode.”
  • Click My Ledger and, when prompted, grant access to My Ledger by pressing the appropriate buttons.
  • In the My, Ledger app catalogue, look for and install the Cardano Babbage app in the My Ledger app catalogue.

Ledger Support cautions that, unlike the Cardano v4 app, the Babbage App is not currently supported by Ledger Live. 

As a result, it can only be used with third-party apps. It recommends apps such as Nami, Ty.phon, and Eternl.

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Cardano Community Response to the Latest Announcement

As was mentioned in October, the Ledger JavaScript in the most recent release of the Daedalus wallet now supports the Babbage app. 

To create smart contracts using the most recent Plutus scripts from the Vasil upgrade, users of the Cardano full-node desktop-only app will be able to access the Cardano Babbage v5.0.0.

Unsurprisingly, the Cardano community responded enthusiastically to the most recent announcement. 

One user claimed to have been using the app on his Ledger Nano X for weeks and that it had been flawless. 

The Cardano network’s developer, Input Output Global (IOG), took the opportunity to criticise statements made by FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried that described Cardano as a new blockchain.

“Would the new ADA blockchain that @SBF_FTX is talking about already have Ledger support and live smart contracts?!” Romain Pellerin wrote despite SBF’s clarification.

Remarkably, according to a tweet yesterday, Ledger is still working on adding staking to Ledger Live. By connecting it to Adalite, users can still stake their ADA on Ledger.


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