Kwon Consents to a Podcast Invite to Explain His Decision to Avoid South Korea

Terra LUNC Community Approves New Measure to Reduce Tax Burn
Terra LUNC Community Approves New Measure to Reduce Tax Burn

Do Kwon, the founder and CEO of TerraForm Labs (TFL), has consented to discuss his decision not to return to South Korea to face his accusers in a podcast. He offers to explain his reasons for hiding. 

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During a Twitter conversation, the Terra CEO revealed this to Laura Shin, a cryptocurrency writer and the host of the Unchained Podcast.

Shin questioned the founder of Terra during the protracted Twitter conversation about why he hadn’t come back to South Korea to defend himself against the various accusations levied against him by the Korean government. Kwon replied as follows:

“I see your podcast invite; let’s talk about it there!” 

At the time of publication, the date and time of the podcast had not been made public. The duo is thought to be working on a suitable schedule for the podcast.

There Have Been Several Accusation Against Do Kwon

Since the Terra incident, a number of reports have surfaced accusing Kwon of breaking many laws relating to the stock markets, including fraud. The Terra CEO, however, has frequently used Twitter to refute all unfavorable news.

Kwon’s arrest was warranted last month by Korean prosecutors for allegedly breaking the nation’s capital market legislation. The Terra CEO had previously declined a government of Korea invitation to be questioned. Interpol also issued a red notice for him.

Shin Said, according to Zuck Guzman, a reporter for CNBC, “you had informed him you weren’t willing to return to Korea if the accusations were based on the Capital Markets Act, which they finally were.” Is it the rationale behind your absence from Korea?

Kwon responded by saying he wouldn’t go back to Korea if he were to be accused of crimes involving the stock markets. In response to the remarks, Kwon stated:

“That’s not exactly what I said – I said if they make up something random e.g., transferring crypto at all violates capital controls, I wouldn’t bother traveling all that way – those phrases sound similar. We were also at a pretty loud bar and 10 cocktails in, so it didn’t help.”

 Kwon’s Whereabouts Are Still Unknown

Kwon is currently believed to be on the run, and investigators are unsure of his whereabouts. In a recent letter to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), TFL refuted the information, stating that Kwon’s whereabouts are unknown because of the numerous threats he has received from irate Terra investors.

The Terra community is hopeful that Kwon would dispel the unfavorable claims made against him in the next podcast and maybe aid in the recovery of the ecosystem tokens’ value.