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IOG Introduces New Cardano Node Version To Address Brief Outage’s Root Issue

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In response to the network’s weekend node outage, Input Output, the team in charge of Cardano research and development, has issued a new node version, Cardano node 1.35.5.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, shared the GitHub release of node 1.35.5 on Twitter yesterday and urged stake pool operators (SPOs) to update their nodes. 

In response to questions, the IOG CEO stated that the new node version is not a patch but instead addresses the primary cause of the temporary outage that occurred last weekend.

Recall that last Sunday, there was a minor node outage on the Cardano network that left around 50% of the network’s nodes mysteriously unavailable. 

Nevertheless, the network was able to spontaneously recover without assistance in a matter of minutes. 

The fact that the remedy is available so quickly after the incident is impressive. 

It suggests that engineers may find the main issue and provide a remedy in about six days. 

SPOs have already begun updating to the latest node version, according to replies to Hoskinson’s tweet.

Cardano Yet to Disclose Root Cause of Outage

The cause of the outage has not yet been revealed by the developers. The community has been told by a developer to anticipate a post-mortem report in 6 to 8 weeks, nevertheless.

Many people have praised Cardano’s fast recovery from the outage as a sign of its toughness in the meantime. Hoskinson claimed that it emphasized the importance of decentralization and self-healing.

In the crypto world, outages are nothing new. The Cardano event contrasts sharply with outages that have occurred on systems like Solana and lasted up to 48 hours. 

Hoskinson stated his excitement for the Cardano network in a tweet today, saying that things are progressing quickly and smoothly. 

The founder of Cardano stated:  “Sidechains are coming along including Cosmos, djed is launching soon, Hydra and Mithril on schedule, Lace almost out of beta, tons of DApps coming online.”

Cardano’s stablecoin, Djed, will launch the following week, according to COTI, the stablecoin’s issuers.

Additionally, IOG will incorporate World Mobile’s Tendermint-built chain as a Cardano sidechain, opening the way for Cosmos compatibility. 

According to the weekly development report, at least one new project has been launched on the network in the previous week, and there are ten more projects in development, bringing the total number of projects in development to 1,191.

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