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Impressive Milestones Achieved by Shiba Inu’s Puppynet Network

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Puppyscan is a block explorer designed specifically for the Shibarium Puppynet solution. Like Etherscan, it offers users analytical tools to examine the Puppynet blockchain and track network operations. This enables users to monitor the testnet and obtain information on its performance closely.

The goals were achieved within a week after Kusama launched the public testnet for Shibarium.

Remember that Kusama released the Puppynet, the early version of the Shibarium network, for beta testing on Saturday. During this test phase, the community can evaluate the network’s capabilities and identify any errors or problems that must be resolved before the mainnet launch.

Kusama Cautions Investors About Puppynet

Shiba Inu’s Puppynet, introduced by lead developer Shytoshi Kusama less than a week ago, has achieved remarkable milestones. Currently, the network has processed 2,163 transactions and generated 388,462 blocks. Puppyscan data shows that there are currently 541 daily transactions and a total of 1,382 wallet addresses. Despite the increasing number of transactions, the average block time remains 5 seconds, which is quite impressive.

The public can access the beta test of Shibarium through the official website. Still, Kusama has cautioned that Puppynet is solely for testing purposes and that the tokens on the network are not genuine. He urged investors to avoid purchasing anything or utilizing their actual assets on the network.

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Furthermore, Kusama stated that the quantity of Shiba Inu tokens burned by the network would be determined by the number of transactions processed. He added that Shiba Inu’s developers would publish a chart on the burn portal to track the burned SHIB during the beta testing stage. The beta test is projected to last for several months.

Shibarium, created by Shiba Inu’s anonymous founder Ryoshi, intends to offer quicker and less expensive transactions for the Shiba Inu ecosystem while enhancing scalability and reducing congestion on the Ethereum network. The layer-2 solution can also be used to develop decentralized applications (dApps) and integrate real-world business solutions. Additionally, it pledges to burn SHIB tokens.

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