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If Shiba Inu Price Drops to $0.01, David Gokhshtein May Delete His Twitter Account

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David Gokhshtein, the founder of Gokhshtein Media, joked in a tweet yesterday that if SHIB achieves the $0.01 pricing point, he will erase his Twitter account.

Gokhshtein wrote, “SHIB, please hit one cent so I can delete this Twitter account.”

Gokhshtein makes it clear that he has a solid commitment to Shiba Inus.

If Shib reaches $0.01, Gokhshtein might retire and spend the rest of his life relaxing by deleting his Twitter account. 

It also suggests that the previous candidate for the US House of Representatives has a sizeable amount of SHIB and is bullish on its price. 

It is hardly surprising because the businessman frequently marketed Shiba Inu. 

He claimed to be the unofficial leader of the Shiba Inu last November, presumably due to his ongoing loud support.

Moreover, the proposed price change would signify an incredible 82,476% increase from the current level. 

The dog-themed coin did have a remarkable increase of 46,000,000% in 2021.

 Not All Took the Tweet From Gokhshtein as a Joke

It’s important to note that not everyone cheered at Gokhshtein’s tweet. 

Market expert Caleb Franzen said that the entrepreneur’s target price was unrealistic because it implied that SHIB’s market cap would be $5.9 trillion.

 As of the time of publication, SHIB’s market valuation was $6.65 billion.

SHIB burns are likely not considered in Franzen’s research because they will presumably change if the supply of SHIB is drastically curtailed. 

Shibarium, the Ethereum Layer 2 solution developed by Shiba Inu, will burn SHIB with each transaction, according to recent reports.

Advocates believe widespread adoption would result in the regular burning of trillions of SHIB.

At the time of this writing, the team has yet to announce the protocol’s launch date. However, the developers teased the beta version’s launch repeatedly.

Significantly, Gokhshtein’s most recent remarks come after the cryptocurrency’s spectacular price surge from the previous week. 

As stated, the asset’s price increased by at least 23.3% throughout the week, reaching a high above $0.000012.

It is trading for $0.00001211 at the time of writing on significant exchanges, up just 0.16% from the previous day.

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