How to use Uniswap (2021): A Simple Guide

How to use Uniswap (2021): A Simple Guide

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange in the form of two smart contracts hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a 100% on-chain market maker that enables the exchange of ERC20 tokens, as well as ETH to ERC20, and vice versa.

Traders can trade Ethereum tokens on Uniswap without having to trust anyone with their funds. At the same time, anyone can lend their cryptocurrencies to special reserves called liquidity pools. In exchange for providing money to these pools, they earn commissions.

Uniswap is an open-source protocol, which means that anyone can create their own frontend application for it. However, the most widely used is

The first thing we are going to need to start trading on Uniswap is MetaMask or any other ERC20 compatible wallet. For this tutorial, we will use MetaMask since it is the easiest to obtain and the most compatible with most dApps.

Step 1:

Go to


Step 2:

Here we will click on the Connect Wallet button , whichever you prefer.

wLlHrXTLzX8xHGl7MVCaH9IrnJWF1Bjuz4axZMgXNV8QfouKHalQBQxjw8ytg0Wwpi3731SunBYt34REE4XHuBHYVYaDTs6otkHMjG 4vmp6ld3cn NBoScguCW9ygDgBppFkN0y

Step 3:

Now a popup will be activated, asking us to select a compatible wallet.

In this case we will go with MetaMask .

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Step 4:

A notification will appear in MetaMask asking us to confirm that we want to connect with Uniswap, we will click on next (« next «), and connect.

JSbd3ykfuzpqMteTzUpqF8BdpJ0b4EyiZ 54h1zW0d6qBaamjlefGFAfxFwPt5CnAt5d07xYrg0aFPF WWHmbf20wb9 fTZjoFrc1OR29eGOxctMy5ByRZ HWw9ST6r01hA iKy0

Step 5:

That’s all. Now we are connected to Uniswap and we can exchange tokens or Ethereum. To do this, we just have to click on the ticker to select the tokens that appear officially in Uniswap.

..or add the address of the contract of the token that we want to exchange.

JGjOLpzVqwGornix6FTdPOY2zYsu3S4FdQBbqnfkMeTol1TvWdLclQEhpDAKTmco73ABdPk3MVoGxTwZ2UIkT FZ imCMMwLbT17SdDGPamIiA9x2YnhMXyXgABRIqZnFo gVcvw

For this example, let’s say we have some PLT (an imported token) and we want to change it to ETH. The corresponding price, fees and other details are listed below.

M0fCBUV493pYlImbxKKJQsFRadG6T4ZLQOSkxZaTOpW4s0yUpETh8aNtLu9q3E7JKEWvPd3l UQGc cgeORPiGq71Yceo5BYk0xY3AoeNeRaCHUB0Je

Step 6:

Once we have the details ready, we will click on the Swap button , and then on Confirm swap .

F3yCELJhOPv6lTXF0SzLXzYT7WOF5n3pw8zSsyrdBLyMADusMu48GH98rx 9ubum2k6mQG4n7zJlyhvPjSL7YzfUVzW6Jk7uq sgoUdBzLggL4

Step 7:

A notification from MetaMask will appear asking us to confirm the transaction , the gas used to complete the transaction will be displayed here. Once you’re ready, click confirm and the system will work its magic.

ZckdoDIplBBiHFAvPtOF23OoMPp50ZxG0fu0zSU8kLdelSnrL7xB47Kvj1RbxM5htOpjh4aI61igkCK 54PBiPWG TP6WhsLMQo7NQegGvbCv 2ihJdrVUme sLsja9aVFMMFzsW

Within a few minutes you should have the tokens you purchased directly in your wallet.

The more tech-savvy might try to mess with other settings like Slippage and Gas output, but for beginners, this guide will teach you how to easily trade ERC20 and Ethereum tokens.

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