How to store MSMECOIN on Klever Wallet


Klever Wallet is one of the most popular crypto wallet that millions of crypto enthusiasts use to store their digital assets. 

MSMECOIN is supported on Klever Wallet and you can easily store your MSMECOIN on this secure wallet using the following steps. 

The first step is to buy MSMECOIN on PancakeSwap 

How to Buy MSMECOIN on PancakeSwap with Trust Wallet

Step 1– Copy the MSMECOIN contract address provided below.

Contract Address: 0xf575a31d804b2034cab5f96d4db500907e720d3b

Step 2– Open your Trust wallet. On the tabs below, you will see Dapps. Click on that Dapps, and you will be taken to a browser. 

Step 3– Scroll down to the popular section and see, or type in the search bar

iegoYtBTJZszHc3aYbdZY 5Y0FPOeZqmSOlp8NY J4ZI0F2ri57ZMOv0waPbNqQ FwZS4PH 3ul9p9CwvT NqHQquiWsSrJMgzmg7TcB4A16lBrXq2vsSGCBgpGHlFrPN2 scY2f

Step 4– After the page has successfully loaded, look to the top right of the page and look for the symbol in the red circle. Change the symbol on the top right corner from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain. You can do that by clicking on the symbol, then selecting the one that says Smart Chain.

eOu6EFWJ4oHCTYSGSa4MdLJw KJKQ7tujSIui mvGXAWHG V0rKbzwiveIzkGsT6rNRM1vMZrZsi

Step 5– After completing the step above, click on “Connect Wallet” to accept the prompt shown to you. After you’ve successfully connected your wallet, you can then proceed to buy the MSMECOIN.


Step 6. You will see two columns. The first one will have BNB because that’s what you’ll be using to pay, and then the one below is where you will insert the MSMECOIN contract address.

Step 7– On the second column below, click on the “Select Currency” option. A page will open.

WvZcG pbmxYp3mpS67A9OBICEH5j3jd2tL9yWM3IE7

Paste the contract address provided in step 1 in the search bar and wait for the MSMECOIN name to show. 

i jIINQ6TJ1tDz6VfJdns9uPC2WStDJiTqJUT3vAbSv9uddx0Ls0lZL33sgZX1X8MG6EYlb6E hRaCqiO8cp8XxRtVMovYtmIUrC4ritSnHrf8RwDJQQ Hkg2QIUcODp5OgNBzl9

Once it does that, click on import. A page will open to check all the boxes and click on continue.

t5SjYKRwdR0FwRAhs0YM1PwM tElM8quWhVD1iHPPN VRAKkhurGtOYQyQy7FcdkXQx8TimLGAn9iuYNBCNNOHp3nd8puu296FDIdgadUD9Dz Ja6tZtzqJZ23HDTNBQyRqNGC16

Step 8– After you’ve completed step 7, you can then proceed to buy your MSMECOIN; by typing in the amount of BNB you’re willing to spend, the equivalent amount will show on your MSMECOIN. 

Step 9– Proceed to click on “Swap,” it will load and take you to another page. On that page, you will see a blue button that says “Confirm Swap.” 

WNHtUe563Q4BalVDei5Wv6e9lvtsqhiunoUQ51RyB7Os81VIagVPbjbFp4AOB3cAYd1rFaGA1 pSztYtu6Yv8pYA9VolMhKeIK0Jv OEBIwUx89P56ewoHdFt

Click on it and wait for it to load. A dialog box will open where you have to approve your transaction. Confirm, and your MSMECOIN will be sent to your MSMECOIN wallet.

A17Cos0XOd5RU3pMj12bF7IF FKWJLMeDu kQ9VYH 0sHYV31xY4xgw02W

NOTE: Please make sure you have enough Binance smart chain to cover fees; otherwise, your transaction will not go through.

How to Store MSMECOIN on Klever Wallet 

Step 1: Activate your MSMECOIN wallet on the Klever app. Click on the button circled in red in the image below. 

dSECukyJMDWzFSqFGbj ebLsVyhMY5NAKy9uVkG6Ysbys5ddRApDGXGYsOx usf1tAlv9uaHAkyx9PM5XrYiV tpU i Q7PF3iT5Y9Rd1dpzipUpw6KYyx2RO1Sw1ApnEt BB1u1

Step 2: On the next page, type MSMECOIN in the search bar and activate it by turning on the radio button. 

tBJLMyjt2hX 3oUQ7NoKub5vA5s0Kxvm

This will activate your wallet. Based on the default wallet filter, your MSMECOIN will be at the bottom of the page. Scroll down till you get to the section for Binance Smart Chain Tokens.

0scp7p8UPhyHYo13hzD3so45hOmNDnA1epGZJvbFktn5y2JQltIIJ2JA9AETXPrgJ0lIdZoC 7S 5adAhZSTM6Wi AB3wymeMWqJLnJ9xkOed4TMhBbWeJJazYmGPpGc6GVpJW y

Step 3: Click on the wallet to get your MSMECOIN wallet address. Click on the Receive button to copy your wallet address and input it at the address bar on Trust Wallet, where you will send your MSMECOIN. 

LkSqQjNvPAEBCRTVecnPCSUjX5f4Bjc9SFQz8zkpfBlUbphb2Mf5g1 hNXZnFTL0MGJG0NySEIy6ADUvobkhZbAqJkwjNyK6CZhgQM8679Cv6VJYs nvv6tlQhKl 1KbeBTFXBnP

Go back to your Trust Wallet and click on your MSMECOIN wallet

a lHATPv9t5 fnUgEQ YxzZrDO4NVh3ULzBeinPSysVeaFdgLt0qf UEEBLIgTfoIMg kS1QEVQHVWAfRzS5oogugWjNTD0MgFKbmDEG8GwKPewhSuTo5

Click on Send and you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll input recipient address and amount in MSMECOIN. 

Screenshot 23

Always remember that you will need BNB in your wallet for successful transfers. Input your wallet address and send your MSMECOIN. It will get to your Klever wallet within seconds. 


MSMECOIN is one of the best crypto-assets you can hold and has massive potentials for small and medium companies as well as individual investors.