How to Earn Genopets NFTs for Beginners

How to Earn Genopets NFTs for Beginners
How to Earn Genopets NFTs for Beginners

As NFT based web 3.0 gaming projects have increased over the past six months, a common criticism of many emerging projects is that they appear to want to copy and emulate the success of established games like Axie Infinity rather than being in space.

One of the more interesting projects is Genopets, which claims to be the world’s first “move to earn ” NFT game, a twist on the “play to earn ” slogan promoted by many Web 3.0 gaming projects. 

It is important to note that the game is free to play, and Genesis NFTs are collectible and grant privileges to players but are not necessary to play the game. In this article, we will be discussing how to earn Genopets NFTs.

What is Genopets?

Genopets is the world’s first free-to-play, move-to-earn NFT game. Genopets is built on the Solana blockchain to make active living fun and rewarding. Genopets combine users’ step data from their mobile devices with blockchain play-to-earn economics, allowing players to earn crypto by taking real-world actions as they explore the Genoverse and grow with their Genopet currency.

Genopets encourage and reward players for taking care of themselves by taking care of their Genopets during gameplay.

The Mechanics of Genopets

Genopets uses data tracked by your smartphone or fitness gadgets to advance your Genopets NFT in games.

The concept, Move-to-Play means Genopets converts your real-life movements into an experience point (XP) for you to progress in the game.

It replaced the time spent on the old in-active video games with checking in on your physical activity as you go about the day.

Your hard-earned in-game progress acquired through walking around all day can be traded as an NFT at market value, creating the first “Move-to-Earn” NFT gaming experience. Amazing!

It is important to nurture, battle, and evolve your Genopet NFT to increase its value with every step taken in real life, then sell it in the marketplace to reap the rewards of hard work. That’s why it is called Move-to-Earn.

Genoverse Element

$GENE: $GENE is a fungible governance and staking token representing ownership in the Genoverse.

As a $GENE token holder, you vote on the future of gameplay and stake your $GENE tokens to earn rewards.

$KI: $KI is a fungible in-game reward token that you earn when purchasing a Habitat. Use $KI to evolve your Genopet, alchemise crystals, generate new Habitats, and battle other players.

Habitat: A Habitat is a place where the Genopets lives and evolves. Habitats are generated non-fungible tokens you purchase through the Genopets Marketplace or craft using $GENE, $KI, and Gene Crystals.

Also, habitats boost your XP, unlock your ability to craft refined Crystals directly, and earn you daily $KI.

Genopets: Genopets is a generative non-fungible token that evolves and can be upgraded and customized. Players mint an infant Genopet for free, based on their personality. As a player invests time and efforts to enhance a Genopet’s type, battle performance, and aesthetics, the value of a Genopets increases. A Genopet evolves with XP, and its evolution is guided and accelerated with Gene Crystals.

Refined Crystals: Refined Crystals are non-fungible tokens crafted using $GENE and $KI to direct the evolution of a genopet.

Refined Crystals come in many forms, and each plays a unique role in affecting the pet’s evolution. Pets type include; Baby Genopet, Young Genopet, Adult Genopet and Mystic Genopet

Experience Points (XP): XP is a parameter in the Genopet’s gameplay that increases as the player makes progress in the game. It can be used to upgrade the Genopet based on the number of points accumulated. 

How to Earn Genopets NFTs

‍On Genopets, players can earn income from two separate economies: 

  • The booming PFP (Profile Picture) NFT economy by increasing the speculative value of the Genopets’ via upgrades. 
  • The Play-to-Earn economy includes crafting, leasing, buying, and selling in-game items, such as crystals and habitats.

Paying players have access to both economies, while free players can only access the first. 

Free Players

Building on foundational principles in non-blockchain mobile games, Genopets starts all players in a Free-to-Play economy where their in-game actions are rewarded financially through the long-term value appreciation of their Genopet. 

Grinding through exercise increases a Genopet NFT’s speculative value as abilities and aesthetics are upgraded by the player. Genopets belonging to free players essentially accrue sweat equity. Once enough time and effort have been invested into a Genopet, it becomes valuable and tradable by other players in the decentralised marketplace.

Players can choose to sell their pet to other players who want to purchase a Genopet to get a head-start in the game or invest in a Genopet’s long-term value, derived from the demand and rarity of its cultivated traits. 

Paying Players

Free players who grow tired of grinding or are motivated to further their progress in-game and speed up their Genopet’s value appreciation can purchase a Habitat to join the paid side of the economic flywheel and earn $KI along with XP. Moreover, Habitat owners will regularly profit from the generation, crafting, and sale of Gene Crystals and Habitats. In the Genoverse, Habitat purchases act as a bridge between Free-to-play and Play-to-Earn in-game economy. 

As a result, players not only benefit from two economies, but market opportunities are also vastly expanded due to Genopet NFTs, Habitats, and Refined Crystals all being traded between those willing to pay to advance in the game quicker. Genopets economic model is built on this foundation from which they can grow and expand additional content as the game gains popularity. 

For example, Genopets can be equipped with abilities and items crafted with $KI, $GENE, and crystal purchased and sold on the in-game marketplace, thereby further boosting the economy.


With a promising premise, Genopets deserves every bit of hype it’s getting. By incorporating a move-to-earn mechanism, Genopets puts a refreshing spin on NFTs: it draws a parallel whereby users can level up and evolve alongside their virtual pets — in the real world. 

However,  Genopets is a fun way to get fit and cash out at the same time.