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Highlights from the Cardano Summit 2022; Future Relationship with UNHCR Switzerland

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After the Cardano Summit 2022, some of the most noteworthy moments of the gathering provided some fascinating information and announcements of ground-breaking innovations. 

Some of these upcoming activities include a collaboration between Cardano and the UNHCR in Switzerland and the introduction of the stablecoin USDA from EMURGO.

CEO of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard, shared some highlights from the recently finished event on Twitter to share interesting details and emphasize the substantial changes that can be anticipated soon.

Details of the Cardano Summit

Gregaard estimates that over 60,000 individuals attended the event via all three available methods. 

The main event occurred in Lausanne, Switzerland, where a large crowd was in attendance. Many others used the option to watch the event virtually via web streaming, which was also provided.

Others who couldn’t get to Lausanne attended the more than 50 locally organized gatherings held worldwide.

Gregaard emphasized that the event’s two days included more than 80 sessions with over 70 speakers. 

The PoS consensus process, meme coins with a speech by Bullish Dumpling on Hosky, staking, SPOs, and Voltaire were among the essential topics that dominated discussions at the event.

Upcoming USDA stablecoin and the Collaboration with the UNHCR Switzerland

The Cardano Foundation Chief emphasized two other key announcements from the occasion and expressed his excitement for future advancements. 

He cites the future USDA stablecoin and the Cardano Foundation’s partnership with the UNHCR Switzerland as examples.

With the introduction of the stablecoin, an effort is made to give cryptocurrency users and businesses a chance to hold an utterly fiat-backed asset on the Cardano system, immune to the market’s unrelenting volatility.

The Cardano Foundation plans to collaborate with the UNHCR of Switzerland to hold the second iteration of its Annual Global Impact initiative, which was revealed at the Summit event and via a formal press statement. 

For every ADA donated by the public, one tree was planted as part of the first Global Impact Challenge, which took place the previous year. 350K trees have been planted thus far.

The Second Annual Global Impact Challenge

Taurus, a Swiss-based provider of digital asset infrastructure, will be in charge of the UNHCR for Switzerland’s launch of a charity pool on Cardano as part of the second annual Global Impact Challenge. 

Up to 3.5 million ADA will be included in the stake delegation for the Cardano Foundation.

80% of the stake awards generated by the pool will be given to the UNHCR so that Switzerland may support those who have been forcibly displaced. 

The remaining 80% will go toward funding the organization’s innovative project.

“The collaboration with Switzerland for UNHCR is an embodiment of the Foundation’s ethos. We strongly believe in using blockchain to improve conditions for everyone and doing so with the active participation of the Cardano community,” Gregaard remarked, speaking on the development.

The Cardano Foundation is Looking to Launch an In-depth Blockchain Course

Gregaard revealed another important event highlighted in his tweets: the necessity for education.

He stated that the Cardano Foundation wants to introduce an in-depth blockchain course and acknowledged the value of education to the foundation’s purpose.

Gregaard tweeted, “Education has always been at the forefront of @Cardano_CF’s mission. It’s crucially important to arm yourself with the correct tools to navigate this industry. So the #CardanoFoundation is preparing an in-depth blockchain course.” 

The Cardano Foundation’s blockchain course aims to inform the community about the fundamentals of the sector in which they have such a strong interest so that they are better prepared to take the scene by storm.

The platform has already been made available, and anyone interested in using it can join for early access. 

The courses will cover subjects including Cardano, Blockchain Fundamentals and Generations, Cryptography, Blockchain Structure and Components, and Consensus Algorithms, according to data from the portal.

Why Decentralization Is Important

Gregaard emphasized Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Cardano, in his final tweet, who spoke on the value of decentralization in the sector. 

Gregaard said he’s eager to see the decentralization measurement tools that IOHK will present. “A good measure of decentralization is something the #blockchain industry requires,” he continued.

Hoskinson mentioned decentralization in his closing keynote speech on the conference’s second day. 

The 35-year-old American entrepreneur ensured the Cardano network functions as a fully decentralized chain.

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