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Fresh Shiba Inu Whale Receives 1.92 Trillion Worth of SHIB

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According to data, a significant transaction that took place around 12 hours ago involved the transfer of 1,926,012,699,342 (1.92T) SHIB, worth $17,719,316 ($17.71M), from an unidentified wallet to a Shiba Inu wallet that had just been created.

Newly Born Shiba Inu Whale Amassed Over 1.92 Trillion SHIB in a Single Transaction

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Shiba Inu Developments

According to fxcryptonews, OKCoin Japan, the major Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, will start trading SHIB in February 2023.

Furthermore, John Richmond, an Italian clothing company that is the official IRL partner of Shiba Inu, has announced that they are designing T-shirts featuring the JR emblem and a SHIB theme. This action by the prominent brand will increase Shiba Inu’s worldwide visibility.

According to recently released official images, the SHIB metaverse team is using Unreal Engine 5.1 to build their metaverse.

Shib Burns

In contrast, the Shiba Inu Community is committed to reducing the tremendous overall Shiba Inu supply. As previously reported by fxcryptonews, the community-led SHIB Burn destroyed 90,061,737 (90.06M) SHIB through 44 different transactions in the previous week alone.

Shiba Inu’s total supply has been drastically reduced after the huge burn to 589,616,874,345,805 (589.61T) tokens, with 562,661,218,538,966 (562.66T) SHIB in circulation and 26.95T SHIB staked on ShibaSwap DEX.

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