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False Shibarium Narratives Refuted by Shiba Inu Developers

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Shiba Inu developers yesterday refuted false assertions about the Layer 2 solution through the official Shibarium Network Twitter account.

As developers continue to tease the release of the Shibarium Beta, there has been more talk and speculation regarding the project.

The team declared in a thread yesterday that BONE is the only token that will be utilized on the Layer 2 protocol.

“No other tokens will be necessary to operate within the protocol,” developers confirmed.

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Additionally, the project’s developers also stated that they are not dependent on any other token or project and are constructing it only for the SHIB ecosystem.

“Furthermore, and to make it strictly clear: Shibarium has been developed for @Shibtoken and not for the sake of other projects who claim ownership or speculation surrounding its operability dependency on any other tokens,” developers wrote.

As a result, the team has advised users only to seek legitimate sources of information.

Importantly, famous developers like Shytoshi Kusama and Trophias have hinted at a soon-to-be-released beta version of the eagerly awaited Layer 2 solution over the past two weeks., Meanwhile, developers have hinted at a quick launch for more than a year. As a result, some community members have voiced their anger at the protracted delay.

The launch was originally scheduled for September, but developers claimed delays were necessary due to technical issues. There is no set a date for the launch as of yet.

With recent updates to the official Shiba Inu website, the team has claimed that it has already made the first step toward introducing Shibarium Beta. Documentation is the next and probably the last step before beta launch, according to letters from developers that were recently released, as fxcryptonews previously reported.

As SHIB BPP (@SHIB BPP) revealed in a tweet, community managers have introduced a Shibarium announcement channel to the official Discord.

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