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Exploring the Potential of Terra Classic Payments SDK for Businesses

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Dan Gerchovich, a member of the community who created the software development kit (SDK), states that businesses demand to incorporate the Terra Classic payments gateway into their operations.

Yesterday, in a tweet, Gerchovich disclosed that if more businesses adopt the Terra Classic payments gateway, it would result in a rise in on-chain transaction volume and an increase in Terra Luna Classic being burnt.

Gerchovich clarified in response to questions that the Terra Classic payments gateway is presently created to function with existing applications, regardless of what they are, even games whose developers aim to provide LUNC payments. Gerchovich explained that by using the Terra.Net.OnChainPayments SDK, the application could access the gateway that manages payments via API calls.

Gerchovich responded to inquiries and stated that the Terra Classic payments gateway is designed to operate with any existing applications, including games, that offer LUNC payments. He further explained that the application could use the Terra.Net.OnChainPayments SDK to make calls to the payment gateway and handle payments through APIs.

It is worth noting that one of the primary objectives of the community-managed Terra chain is to decrease the supply of LUNC. To achieve this goal, the community has deliberated on various approaches, such as encouraging voluntary burns from validators and projects and introducing a 0.2% on-chain tax parameter. As a result of recent modifications incorporated through the Terra Classic v1.1.0 upgrade, 90% of the LUNC obtained from the tax is directed toward the burn wallet. In comparison, the remaining 10% is routed toward the community pool, which supports project funding.

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Due to the bearish market conditions and the absence of many popular decentralized applications (DApps), on-chain volumes on the Terra Classic network have decreased significantly, resulting in voluntary LUNC burns. 

According to TerRarity, the community, and its supporters have sent over 48.6 billion LUNC to the dead wallet, with only 14.3 billion LUNC being contributed to this total by the on-chain tax. Binance is the most prominent contributor, having burned over 28 billion LUNC.

When the Terra dollar-pegged stablecoin was de-pegged, resulting in the creation of TerraClassicUSD, an underlying mint and burn arbitrage mechanism led to the production of over 6 trillion LUNC in excess. This caused hyperinflation, which led to the complete loss of value of the LUNC token, dropping from nearly $120 to $0.0001308 at the current time of writing.

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