Experts Believe Shiba Inu Risks Being the Next Terra Luna

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is arguably one of the most popular memecoins with enormous community support. As a result, the cryptocurrency has recently launched various projects, including the SHIB Burn Portal and SHIB: The Metaverse.

However, all is not well with Shiba Inu, especially now that the market is experiencing a decline. Nevertheless, Shiba Inu seem to be among the crypto coins that are slowly regaining their value after being one of the digital coins hardest hit by the bear market.

Experts have warned that Shiba Inu is not out of the woods despite the recovery due to surrounding threats. From the views of some crypto enthusiasts, Shiba Inu and Luna are alike because they have no actual use cases, and the project lacks usability. This is because Shiba Inu started as a meme currency and built its vast market cap based on hype.

In the past six months, the aggregate price of Shiba Inu decreased, and one of the causes was the lack of use cases.

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Bitgert May Overtake Shiba Inu

Many investors in Shiba Inu have been selling to join more substantial projects with actual use cases. Some of these projects have included Bitgert (BRISE), one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies. As Shiba Inu has been losing investors, the number of Bitgert holders has increased.

Bitgert is also among the few cryptocurrencies that have maintained stable prices during the current bear market. The reason is that Bitgert investors were active holders, and many new investors were joining the project, demonstrating the strength of Bitgert.

The Bitgert team is building one-of-a-kind blockchain projects in the industry. The Bitgert ecosystem has a range of products ranging from DeFi, NFTs and Web3 products. Some of Bitgert’s core products have already been released and are why Bitgert is a solid project.

Bitgert has built its BRC20 blockchain, while Shiba Inu is still running on the Ethereum blockchain. Bitgert’s BRC20 blockchain is fast and has a zero gas rate. Additionally, there are many exciting products and projects that the Bitgert team is adding to this ecosystem.

Shiba Inu has to get an actual use case to compete with Bitgert, or it could become the next Moon. Nevertheless, Bitgert is expected to continue to develop speedily due to the enormous utility it offers. Furthermore, if Bitgert attracts more Shiba Inu investors, there will be fewer surprises should SHIB prices continue to nosedive.

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