Dogecoin Ranks Among The Top 10 Most Bought Coins By The 100 Biggest Whales On Binance Chain


Dogecoin is currently gaining attention from various addresses on the Binance Chain. As a result, the memecoin makes the list of top ten most purchased coins by the 100 most giant whales on the chain in the last 24 hours, according to WhaleStats.

The leading memecoin is living up to expectations despite the current market condition. While the market dip negatively influences the other digital assets, DOGE’s case seems different because it has regained its foothold as one of the most favoured coins by crypto whales.

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Dogecoin Shows Transaction Volume Increase

Notably, the whales may have caused the increase in transaction volumes, gaining the attention of the memecoin’s co-founder Billy Markus who shared a chart that showed the figure of 72,764 in DOGE’s transaction volume as of July 17 via Twitter. Additionally, the development of the last 24 hours may have pushed the figure even higher.

Interestingly, this is the highest volume of daily transactions seen for the world’s largest meme cryptocurrency in the last 14 months.

Impact on DOGE Price

The DOGE price, trading at $0.068, remains in tenth place despite making the top ten most purchased crypto assets on the Binance Chain. However, the coin grew by 6.37% in the past 24 hours – which is significant considering that the crypto market has been under heavy pressure from bears since the start of the year.

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