David Gokhshtein claims he has no interest in the Shiba Killer “THE”

David Gokhshtein claims he has no interest in the Shiba Killer
David Gokhshtein claims he has no interest in the Shiba Killer "THE"

Gokhshtein once more supports Shiba Inus. However, he asserts that he won’t switch to SHIB Killer “THE” and will stay with the Shiba Inu.

Some ardent holders of other meme-based tokens do not intend to switch to The Protocol (THE), despite the recently created meme coin The Protocol’s (THE) growing popularity.

A well-known cryptocurrency influencer and the creator of Gokhshtein Media, David Gokhshtein, is one of the investors reluctant to participate in the recently established memecoin.

Gokhshtein recently tweeted that he would stick to the cryptocurrency with the dog theme and pledged his unwavering support for Shiba Inu (SHIB). Gokhshtein continued by expressing his lack of interest in the recently released SHIB killer “THE.”

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He said: “I’m sticking with $SHIB — not interested in THE at all.”

Gokhshtein Has Always Supported Shiba Inu

This is not the first time Gokhshtein has openly supported Shiba Inus. The Twitter user with clout in cryptocurrency frequently visited to predict well for SHIB.

Gokhshtein anticipated a “parabolic rally” for Shiba Inu earlier this month during the upcoming bull run, which catalyses significant price increases in cryptocurrencies.

Gokhshtein regretted not “going all in” on Shiba Inu while investing in meme-based cryptocurrency before making the forecast.

“When it came to meme tokens, I should have just [gone] all in on SHIB,” he said.

About THE Protocol; The Unexpected Launch

The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, offered a recommendation that led to the creation of THE Protocol, the rage-of-the-moment meme coin. 

Buterin humorously suggested that a cryptocurrency called “THE Protocol” be created, making it simple for influencers to spread the word about the initiative. 

Influencers can use quotes from remarks using “THE” to promote the currency, claims Buterin.

It didn’t take long for unidentified people to take his suggestion seriously and start a token. 

By giving Buterin 100 million bitcoins, the “Shiba Inu killer” token borrowed a page from the Shiba Inu playbook. As a result, he now holds the most tokens, making him the largest token holder.

On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, THE’s value increased by more than 1,000% since the token’s launch. 

THE is now down 5%, according to information from Coingecko. Top cryptocurrency exchanges, including MEXC Global and Bitget, have featured THE.

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