Cyberscope: Strengthening the Security of the Blockchain Industry

Cyberscope: Strengthening the Security of the Blockchain Industry

As the world continues to witness technological advancement in every top industry, many individuals and businesses seek a more efficient means of securing their digital assets from the cyber scam plaguing many sectors.

Despite blockchain technology improving the security and transparency of crypto-related activities, 2020 witnessed a rise in cryptocurrency theft by 516%, with its figure at $3.2 billion. Again, DeFi protocols were the most affected as they contributed 72% of the stolen assets. Furthermore, crypto-related crime increased in 2021 after scammers took $14 billion worth of crypto last year.

Additionally, many crypto investors fall victim to investment scammers. Investment fraudsters prey on non-suspecting victims by promising to increase their assets with zero cost. Unfortunately, crypto investors, especially newbies, fall into their trap without proper background checks and information.

Therefore, as the risk of fraud and cyber crimes increases, Cyberscope provides a lasting solution for crypto and blockchain projects to protect them using the best features and software tools.

Why Cyberscope Remains a Leader in Blockchain Security and KYC Compliance Solutions

Cyberscope is the leading auditing and KYC firm in the blockchain industry.  The crypto security protocol has protected over 900 crypto projects, making it the most trusted cyber security platform on all important launchpads. 

Additionally, the security protocol has an experienced team of world-class cyber security experts and anti-fraud professionals that are well-equipped with the best practices. 

The blockchain industry has grown immensely and is currently influencing the operation of top sectors not limited to finance, health, sports, tourism, agriculture, media and entertainment. Unfortunately, blockchain vulnerability has also increased due to this expansion. Therefore, Cyberscope has provided key features and software to protect investors and platforms.

Cyberscope: Key Features


Cyberscan is a convenient tool that helps investors quickly gain insight into a given cryptocurrency token. In addition, the software is straightforward to use. 

To use this tool, you must paste the smart contract address to the related field, click on the blockchain network from the dropdown, and press Search. 

Then search result will show you a full report from the smart contract analysis, as well as some key indicators like if the contract owner is present or renounced, if the contract is a proxy and if there is an audit or KYC attached contract, amongst others.

Finally, you can see the similarity of the code of your contract versus popular forks. This will help you understand if it’s minted from a specific platform and how unique it is.


Safescan is a straightforward AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC tool for wallets. It is a great tool to help investors check the project team’s past transactions to ensure there are no suspicious activities.

To use this tool, you must fill in the address in the form and click “Search”. The tool will process and run background checks on the address provided. Furthermore, it will review all the transactions of the address and how it interacted with various suspicious other wallets, then cross-reference it with CEX hot wallets, famous bridges, tornado cash, and other similar money laundering applications. 

Safescan also cross-checks the given wallet with a database that contains more than 30k blacklisted and suspicious wallets. The final analysis report shows all the related findings to help you understand some of the wallet’s history. 

More Development in the Future

Cyberscope plans to remain the number one cyber security firm in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry by building more features allowing investors and companies to monitor and protect their assets from crypto-related scammers.

As the global leader in blockchain security and KYC compliance solutions, Cyberscope is the best place if you want to secure your investment in a cryptocurrency project. To learn more, click here.