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Crypto Vs Stocks Vs Forex: Which Is A Better Investment In 2021

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Entering into the world of investment as a beginner can be tricky since there are numerous options for trading or investing. However, due to limited funds and the knowledge involved in running investment, it becomes essential to ask the question, which of the available markets is the right one? 

Which market has the lowest or highest risk? And which of these markets can I get the highest amount of profit or loss? In this article, we will be comparing the three most popular investment markets to study which one of them is the better investment for you.

Cryptocurrency Market

Through our previous articles, we already know that the cryptocurrency market involves the trading and investing of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, etc. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the cryptocurrency market.

Advantages Of Cryptocurrency Trading

  1. MARKET HOUR: The cryptocurrency market is open 24/7 throughout the year. You can carry out transactions at any time of the year.
  2. TRADING FEES: The cost of trading cryptocurrency is relatively low compared to other investment markets.
  3. TRANSACTION TRANSPARENCY: cryptocurrencies use a network of computers to record and verify every transaction in their blockchain. This allows all transactions made on the system to be viewable by anyone, and every transaction can be traced back to the original source.
  4. PROFIT: There is a large amount of profit to be earned in crypto trading due to its high volatility.
  5. DECENTRALITY: The cryptocurrency market is not governed or regulated by any federal government agencies or central bodies. Nobody controls it.
  6. It is easy to enter and exit the cryptocurrency market.

Disadvantages Of Cryptocurrency Trading

  1. VOLATILITY: The price of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile and is prone to sudden and drastic changes in value and prices. These changes in price can be positive or negative. There is also a high risk involved in trading cryptocurrencies.
  2. LEGALITY: Since the cryptocurrency is not backed by some governments and even banned by the government in some countries, trading cryptocurrency has some legal restrictions attached to it in a bid to regulate the market by the government. These regulations can change at any time, which increases the risks in the market as well.
  3. SECURITY: It can be prone to hackers if not adequately protected.

The Stock Market

The stock market is arguably one of the oldest financial markets and involves purchasing shares in companies and corporations. Due to its relative regulation and stability, it is well known and offers a source of speculation for traders. Here are some of the pros and cons of trading stocks.

The advantages of the stock market include:

  1. The stock market grows with the economy since you are investing in companies and corporations. The more the company grows, the more profit you make.
  2. It has a long history price chart that can be used to study and predict a company’s growth rate or corporation.
  3. Trading in stocks has a significant return rate.
  4. It involves the acquisition of real and valuable assets in the form of shares that you buy.

The disadvantages of trading stocks include:

  1. The risk involved in the stock market, one wrong move can make you lose your entire money.
  2. The stock market is not easy to read and can be unpredictable sometimes because things can go south at any time.
  3. When trading in stocks, you have to gain more knowledge about the market because you will also compete with investors and traders who are already experts in the field.

The Foreign Exchange Market

The foreign exchange market (FOREX) is one of the biggest financial markets in the world with millions of traders across the world speculating the price of global currency pairs. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of trading forex.

The advantages of the foreign exchange market include the following:

  1. It has more stability and low volatility.
  2. It has higher liquidity since it is the largest investment market.
  3. The foreign exchange market provides more leverage than the other investment market, allowing traders to enjoy reasonable profits.
  4. Forex provides a lot of flexibility to the traders since there is an unlimited supply of currencies in the market. There is no restriction to the amount of currency used in trading. 
  5. There is no interference from the central body or exchange in the market except in extreme cases.

The disadvantages include:

  1. Since there is high leverage in FOREX trading, it also results in a high-risk factor. There is no assurance in the price and rate of a currency and if it will increase or reduce.
  2. It is a one-person show. As a Forex trader, you are on your own in the market. So except you attain more knowledge and skills, you might continue to experience loss.
  3. The forex market also has high volatility since the prices can be affected by economic changes and global politics.
  4. If you are making use of a broker in forex trading, it can lead to a lack of transparency and low profit earned from your investment. It is advised that you get a trustworthy broker who follows and falls under the broker regulators’ category.

Now that we have compared and have an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of the crypto, forex, and stock market, the question of which one of them is a better investment depends solely on your preference. You might be looking for a market with lower volatility or higher profit regardless of other factors. It would be best if you chose an investment that works best for you and your capital.

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