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Crypto Banter Founder Criticized For Misrepresenting Cardano

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Charles Hoskinson has criticized Ran Neuner, nicknamed Cryptoman Ran, the founder of Crypto Banter, for what he believes to be an unfair representation of Cardano. 

Due to what the Cardano community views as unjust criticism, Neuner gains a poor reputation.

Hoskinson characterized Neuner as a bad actor in the cryptocurrency space in a tweet he sent out today, using sarcasm to make his case. 

The creator of Cardano believes that it is not surprising that YouTubers that support Solana and LUNA, like Neuner, use biased sources and fail to represent Cardano accurately.

“YouTubers that shilled Solana and Luna aren’t given [giving] Cardano a fair representation and using biased sources!?” Hoskinson stated.

“Excuse me while I catch my breath from the profound surprise and shock….”

Hoskinson’s remarks are in response to Neuner’s most recent video, in which he suggests that the Cardano development community is nonexistent compared to other blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, Near, and Cosmos. 

Neuner’s Comment Based on Report from Electric Capital

Notably, the YouTuber based his opinions on the most recent Electric Capital “Developer Report.”

According to the survey, which focuses on the number of cryptocurrency developers per blockchain, Polonadot, Solana, Polygon, and Cosmos have seen a rise in developer activity. 

Additionally, it features NEAR, Sui, Aptos, Hedera, and Celo favorably.

The team concentrated on open-source code, omitting contributions from designers and community moderators while ignoring forked code and focusing on “unique code,” according to Maria Shen, one of the report’s authors and an investor at Electric Capital.

To be completely transparent, according to their investments website, Electric Capital has at least investments in Solana, Celo, and NEAR.

Notably, the research and Neuner’s remarks stand in sharp contrast to findings from the cryptocurrency analytics website Santiment Feed and its ProofofGitHub platform, which constantly rank Cardano as the market leader in terms of blockchain development activity. 

For instance, the most recent update from ProofofGitHub revealed that Cardano had the most GitHub activity the day before, with a total of 833.

According to reports, Cardano has kept the top spot on Santiment Feed for two years for blockchain development efforts.

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