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Cardano Releases a New Node For The Upcoming Mainnet Vasil Hard Fork

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Cardano’s company, the Input-Output Global (IOG), recently announced on its Twitter page that it plans to roll out a new node in preparation for the launch of Vasil Hard Fork.

Development of the Vasil Release

According to the IOG, Cardano node 1.35.0 will be the final candidate for Vasil deployment on the mainnet. Furthermore, the development marks an essential step toward the launch of the Vasil testnet and mainnet launch.

Following the new Cardano node launch, the IOG said it is close to Vasil’s testnet release and has already taken significant steps toward ensuring everything is on track.

The SPO community has been notified about the release of node 1.35.0, and they are expected to upgrade to the new node in preparation for the Vasil testnet deployment.

“We’ll give testnet SPOs the time they need & as soon as more than 75% of block-producing SPOs on the testnet have upgraded – needed for satisfactory chain density for the hard fork – we’ll submit the testnet update proposal, which will take one complete epoch to take effect,” the IOG added.

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In addition, the development team noted that the Vasil upgrade’s code is complete, and it has completed Vasil testing on the new Plutus v2 code. In general, Vasil testing has gone relatively smooth, with positive results recorded in performance and costs.

Nevertheless, the IOG added that it would be announcing more updates regarding the Vasil upgrade this week while commending the efforts made by Cardano developers and the SPO community.

Cardano Team Shifts Vasil Upgrade Launch to Next Month

The Vasil Hard Fork event is an essential upgrade for the Cardano blockchain. The upgrade is named after long-standing Cardano member Vasil St Dabov, and it is expected to enhance the network’s performance, especially with smart contract functionality and scaling, as well as other features.

Vasil’s mainnet deployment was initially scheduled to go live this month. However, the IOG postponed the launch to next month, with the testnet release expected to be deployed later this month.

Commenting on why the IOG decided to postpone Vasil’s mainnet launch, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOG, noted that Cardano is trying to avoid the unfortunate circumstances that befell the Terra ecosystem last month.

While he acknowledged that the upgrade was code complete, the team opted to conduct rigorous testing before Vasil eventually went live.

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